Best Pink Floyd Songs of the Post-Waters-Era (A Momentary Lapse of Reason, The Division Bell, the Endless River)

This list is for the best songs on the three albums without Roger Waters. Think this will be interesting.

The Top Ten

1 High Hopes

Perfect song and one of my favorite Floyd-songs ever. The melody ist great and the guitar solo one of Gilmour's best. - DarkSideOfDragons

Here's my ranking of all 20 Post-Waters Pink Floyd songs ( I didn't include anything from The Endless River because that album is just a bunch of left over experimentation from The Division Bell).
1# Terminal Frost
2# Coming Back to Life
3#A Great Day For Freedom
4#Lost for Words
5# High Hopes
6#On the Turning Away
7# One Slip
8# Sorrow
9# Cluster One
10# Learning to Fly
11# Marooned
12# Yet Another Movie/Round and Around
13# The Dogs of War

2 Learning to Fly

A soul in tension that is learning to fly. Condition grounded but determined to try

It's more a pop song, but it's a very good one, very catchy melody. - DarkSideOfDragons

3 On the Turning Away

Wonderful melody, the best lyrics of the post-waters-era in my opinion and again a fantastic guitar solo. - DarkSideOfDragons

4 Louder Than Words

The only song with lyrics on the new album, maybe not one of my favorite Floyd-songs, but it's a good final for the last album of them. - DarkSideOfDragons

5 What Do You Want From Me

Sounds a bit like "Have a cigar". I like this song very much. - DarkSideOfDragons

6 Sorrow

Many people think this is the best song of this era, but for me it is not as good as some of the other songs on this list. But of course the guitar sound in the beginning is fantastic and it has a very dark atmosphere. - DarkSideOfDragons

This is my favourite post Waters song. - BrianScott01

7 Yet Another Movie

Such a dark song, fantastic, the guitar and the keyboards fit perfectly together. - DarkSideOfDragons

8 Poles Apart

Good lyrics and a nice psychedelic part. And the guitar work in the end is again amazing. - DarkSideOfDragons

9 Wearing the Inside Out

The first Floyd song since "Time" (1973) Rick Wright sings on. Melancholic song, and good keyboard work. - DarkSideOfDragons

10 One Slip

Best song to dance during a party with Your girlfriend!

The Contenders

11 Keep Talking
12 A Great Day for Freedom
13 Coming Back to Life
14 Marooned

This is an absolutely beautiful piece of music which sends tingles down my spine, especially David's guitar playing.

15 Terminal Frost

The best instrumental of this era. The saxophone part is very nice. - DarkSideOfDragons

Terminal Frost is by far the best post Waters era Pink Floyd song

16 Allons-y
17 Autumn '68
18 Signs of Life
19 Dogs of War
20 Lost for Words

Wonderful melancholic song, it's about David's relationship with Roger, which wasn't that good at the time.

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