Top 10 Pink Floyd Songs with the Best Riffs

This list can include riffs from guitar, bass and piano. It's the most catchy and best riffs in Pink Floyd songs.

The Top Ten

1 Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I - V)

This riff has a spacy and floating vibe. Four simple notes that pull the song together perfectly. It was named 'Syd's Theme' since the song is about Syd Barrett. - GillisL

2 Money

Jazzy bass riff that works so well with the theme of the song. - GillisL

3 Another Brick In the Wall Pt. 2

Very simple but incredibly catchy. - GillisL

4 Wish You Were Here

Very soothing. One of the best acoustic riffs ever. - GillisL

5 Hey You

Has a very dark and depressing feel which works well with the song - GillisL

6 Young Lust

It has a very raunchy sound which helps to give the song a very sexy feel. - GillisL

7 Have a Cigar

An almost funky bassline which really compliments the song. - GillisL

8 Sheep

The ending riff is just so cool. It's very easy to nod your head along with it. - GillisL

9 Echoes

Both the piano and the guitar riffs are great. - GillisL

10 Waiting for the Worms

The riff at the end is used through-out the whole album and really helps to unite the songs. The Wall is after all a concept album and the riff really bring the message home. - GillisL

The Contenders

11 High Hopes

The notes at the begging of the song are so beautiful and sets up the song very well. - GillisL

The ending acoustic guitar riff is also good. With the backing piano riffs. - zxm

12 Sorrow

Deep notes that gives you a hint at the feel of the song. - GillisL

13 Fearless
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