Top Ten Pink Guy Songs

Hip hop mastermind Pink Guy has recorded many a timeless masterpiece. These are the most wonderful and enchanting of all his brilliant works of pure genius. All hail Chin Chin.

The Top Ten

1 Kill Yourself
2 Stfu

Nobody even wants you here - Sanicball

Should be #1. Mega catchy - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

Best song ever

So inspiring!

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3 Tribute to Ronald
4 Ramen King
5 Erectile Dysfunction
6 Jungle Boy, Pt. 1
7 Meme Machine

"Inhale the memes. Exhale the memes. Inject the memes into my bloodstream. There are good memes. And there are bad memes. WHY HAS GOD ABANDONED US. HELP ME." - xandermartin98

I lOVe thIZ mUUsiC bECaUze oof mEmE, I lOvE sTfU and kiLLz YS

8 FF and the Crew
9 Fried Noodles

You guys don't have enough of it as the chorus to get a good feeling of how good the chorus actually is, but if you listen to the whole song you'll know just how much of an earworm it is.

10 Help

Razor blades in the air! - Not_A_Weeaboo

I don't know why

The Contenders

11 Flex Like David Icke
12 A True Friend (Harambe Tribute)
13 Gibe de Pusi B0ss
14 Bitches Ain't S***
15 Friendzone
16 White is Right

Accurate depiction of Racists in America - Mikbiter15

17 She's So Nice
18 Dumplings
19 Teriyaki God
20 I Will Get a Vasectomy
21 Trap Dumplings
22 Nickelodeon Girls

Come on, Dan Schneider. - Catacorn

23 Watermelon P****
24 Dick Pays Rent
25 Rice Balls
26 Furr
27 Pink Life
28 Ladies Man
29 Do the Salamander
30 Club Banger 3000
31 Are You Serious?
32 Dora the Explora

Dora da explora, dora da explora, bitch look good for a four year old

33 Weeaboo Song
34 Gays 4 Donald


35 I Do It for My Hood
36 Bad Words
37 Fried Rice
38 Gay Mickey
39 Goofy's Trial

AH HUH HUH, GUILTY - mtndewlord

40 Big Mama
41 Peanutbutter
42 Please Stop Calling Me Gay
43 Another Earth
44 I Love Sex
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