Top Ten Pinocchio Characters

Pinocchio was amazing so let’s talk about it
I love this movie it is my 5 favorite Disney film of all time

The Top Ten

1 Pinocchio

A real boy or not, he’s adorable!

He learns from his mistakes, making him very likeable. - iliekpiez

Very adorable and sweet, he’s willing to help anyone. I just wished he listened to Jiminy Cricket and his father at the start, but hey! He still got turned into a human eventually!

2 Gepetto

Very loving, such a good father figure for Pinocchio. He kept searching for him until he’d find Pinocchio, he didn’t even eat until he’d find him! Very nice man

3 Jiminiy Cricket

He cares for Pinocchio very much, which is always nice. He tried to protect him from the outside world and always defended him. He’s a good mentor

4 The Blue Fairy

Not much to say about her. She did give Pinocchio a second chance, so that’s a good thing

5 Figaro

Nice cat and very funny, that’s it

6 The Coachman

He’s worse than Mangiafuoco, basically the Devil for children as shown in the picture. He turned poor little boys into donkeys! That’s horrible!

7 Mangiafuoco

He used Pinocchio for money and was going to chop him up into firewood when old! He’s cruel!

8 Honest John

He's my personal favorite. Not honest at all, but still a great character. He's very clever and manipulative but still has moments when he can be a bit of a bonehead. And he does display panic when the coachman talks about Pleasure Island so he obviously has some good in him, even if it's not much.

9 Candlewick

Have u watched the 2008 version that’s very hard to find? It’s quite good and Candlewick/ Lampwick doesn’t look as hideous as in the 1940 version. He dies though...

He wasn’t rude, he was just dumb for falling into the trick of Pleasure Island along with all the other kids. How could parents let their boys go to something like that by themselves?! Anyway, he’s not so bad

10 The Fox

The Contenders

11 Gideon
12 Monstro
13 The Cat
14 Gold Fish
15 Stromboli
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