Movie Review - Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

MegaSoulhero Ahoy, me hearties! Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales comes out soon. And before it comes out, I'll be reviewing the first 4 Pirates films! Starting with Curse of the Black Girl I mean Pearl.

The entire franchise is based on the popular attraction at Disneyland. Curse of the Black Pearl is about a pirate named Captain Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, and a blacksmith named Will Turner, played Orlando Bloom, who have to save the governor's daughter, Elizabeth Swann, after she got captured by Barbossa who, along with his crew, have been cursed after stealing some gold. So whenever they step into the light, they are shown to be skeletons. When making a movie based on a theme park ride, it can either go good or bad. In this case, it turned out to be good! I had so much fun watching this film! It was such a great surprise! The best part would have to be the characters. Jack Sparrow is quite possibly the best character Johnny Depp has ever done! He gives such an enjoyable performance! He's pretty much a main reason why I continue to watch the franchise! The other characters were great too! Orlando Bloom is a great actor as usual. Unlike Jack Sparrow, Will Turner is a more serious character. Which works out great since we need a straight man in a silly film such as this one. Same goes for Kiera Knightley as Elizabeth Swann. Who is basically the love interest of Will Turner. Another stand out performance would have to be Geoffrey Rush as Barbossa. He totally acts like how a pirate should act! He really has a lot of fun with the role and I absolutely enjoyed him.

This movie also has some excellent action scenes! They are just very well staged! They can get a little silly at times, but the movie seems to know it's silly. So they just embrace it. I also found this movie to be visually stunning. There's a lot of great scenery. I especially like the moments where Barbossa and his crew are skeletons when they walk into the light. It just looks so real and believable! This movie has everything you could want in a pirate film. Cannons, sword fights, monkeys, treasure, pirate ships, adventure, skeletons, wenches, it's got it all! This isn't a movie to take too seriously, but more of a movie to mostly have fun with. And it definitely succeeds in doing that. There is so much entertainment I got from this movie. It actually felt like I was on a ride. Makes sense since, again, this was based on a ride. There's not too many references to the ride in this movie but you can tell that they managed to put a lot of effort into this.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl is a very entertaining movie as both pirate film and an action film. For a movie based on a ride, this was very enjoyable! Because usually these kinds of movies don't go too well. Like Country Bears or Haunted Mansion or Tomorrowland or Tower of Terror. And they are making a Jungle Cruise movie starring Dwayne Johnson because Dwayne Johnson has to be in everything these days. But Pirates of the Caribbean is by far the best movie to be based on a ride! It is definitely a pirate's life for me.

Score: 8/10


This is a really fun movie. It's the reason I watched a lot of Johnny Depp movies growing up. - Elric-san

Excellent Movie - JPK