Movie Review - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

MegaSoulhero Dead Man's Chest pretty much left us with a cliffhanger. So after the ending of that movie, I've been waiting to see what would happen in the next sequel. And when At World's End came out the year after that, I went to go see it. Now let's talk about it!

So the overly complicated plot is that Jack Sparrow ends up in Davy Jones' locker and Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Barbossa, and Tia go to get him back. The contact other pirates to release Davy Jones' lover, Calypso. And a bunch of stuff happens. The point is this movie sucks! Well, I probably wouldn't go that far but it's definitely not a good movie. Pirates of the Caribbean is supposed to be exciting but this was just boring. There was barely anything memorable about it. Most of it is just exposition through dialogue. Lots and lots of boring dialogue! This movie is nearly three hours long because of that! The movie just goes on and on! It is a lot longer than it should be! I remember watching this in a theater when it first came out and I was just asking myself when it was gonna end.

A problem that I and a lot of other people have with the movie is the plot. It is way too complicated! The other two films had simple enough plots that make them easy to follow. In this one, there is just too much happening that it makes it confusing! There's one character who turns into a sea goddess for some reason and there was a guy who turned into a bunch of crabs. I kind of scratched my head at those points. This sequel has a lot more characters than in the other films. Also, why did Will and Elizabeth still need to be included? There was also a scene in which a ship goes down a waterfall and then the screen goes to black and we hear audio from the actual Pirates ride at Disneyland. I felt like that was pretty forced. But fortunately, I still found some enjoyment in the film. I still thought Jack Sparrow was a great character. Even though most of the jokes fell flat, he was still the best part of the movie. I also thought the inclusion of Keith Richards as Jack's father was pretty clever considering he was an influence on Johnny's performance as Jack Sparrow. There are some pretty great visuals and once in a while there is a pretty good action sequence. I just wish there was more of that in this film.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End was very disappointing. Out of the whole franchise, this one feels like the worst. I haven't seen Dead Men Tell No Tales yet as I'm typing this review. It was way too long, has a complicated plot, and some poor writing. I didn't get much excitement from this film. This one is definitely not a pirate's life.

Score: 5/10


I Personally Thought It Was Decent So I Respect Your Opinion - JPK