Best Pitch Perfect Characters

The Top Ten

1 Fat Amy Fat Amy

Super funny and funny singer

Why? She's SO annoying!

2 Jesse

He is super cool and he is a perfect match for Becka

3 Chloe

She is super nice and is friendly to Becka

She's beautiful

4 Stacy

She is a great singer and loves E network and cuticle care

5 John
6 Gale
7 Cynthia Rose
8 Beca Mitchell

Why they hell is Beca down here? She's an amazing character and definitely deserves to be #1. Loyal, funny, realistic, and a good singer - Leotroy

Why is beca this far down?!

9 Jessica

She is super nice and a great singer

10 Aubrey

She is super mean until the end

I like her style

She's cool

The Contenders

11 Bumper

He is funny when he throws a burrito at Fat Amy

V 2 Comments
12 Lily

She is really quiet

13 Benji
14 Cory
15 Donald

Come on! He's obviously the best member of the Treblemakers and he's so funny

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