Best Pitch Perfect Characters

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1 Fat Amy Fat Amy

Super funny and funny singer

Why? She's SO annoying!

2 Jesse

He is super cool and he is a perfect match for Becka

3 Chloe

She is super nice and is friendly to Becka

She's beautiful

4 Stacy

She is a great singer and loves E network and cuticle care

5 Beca Mitchell

Why they hell is Beca down here? She's an amazing character and definitely deserves to be #1. Loyal, funny, realistic, and a good singer - Leotroy

Why is beca this far down?!

I love Pitch Perfect I've seen all the movies.But I really love Beca without her I would hate the movies. Seeing her jump off a boat in the 3rd one was quite a surprise there holding hands with Fat Amy or Fat Patricia was very awesome at the moment the music Cheap Thrills went along with the action going on.Her in the 2nd was very feisty and small compared to the "Sound Machine".She always chooses the right outfits! Her hair is beautiful.Also she is wonderful with great friends such as Amy,Chole or her boy Jesse or the person in the 3rd one that she didn't kiss.She always stands up for herself.In the 1day one she wasn't as active.She didn't really love the Barden Bellas as much in this one. But it's when she meets her friends.Thank you for allowing for me to share my opinion.

6 John
7 Gale
8 Cynthia Rose
9 Jessica

She is super nice and a great singer

10 Lily

She is really quiet

She is quiet but she’s really cute and has lots of dark secrets

The Contenders

11 Aubrey

She is super mean until the end

I like her style

She's cool

12 Benji
13 Bumper

He is funny when he throws a burrito at Fat Amy

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14 Cory
15 Donald

Come on! He's obviously the best member of the Treblemakers and he's so funny

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