Best Pitch Perfect Characters

The Top Ten Best Pitch Perfect Characters

1 Fat Amy

She’s just the best

Super funny and funny singer

She made the movies watchable

Why? She's SO annoying!

2 Chloe

She is the best

She is the heart of these movies

Chloe Beale is my favorite movie character ever. I see a lot of myself in her with just being super nice and someone anyone would be lucky to have as a friend. Also, she's super cute which also helps.

She is super nice and is friendly to Becka

3 Beca Mitchell

Why they hell is Beca down here? She's an amazing character and definitely deserves to be #1. Loyal, funny, realistic, and a good singer - Leotroy

Why is beca this far down?!

She is very funny


4 Stacie

My lord and savior

She’s really pretty and just amazing

She is a great singer and loves E network and cuticle care

5 Jesse

Jesse is a great singer and very nice and very loyal. Becca would never have found out what a great movie the breakfast club is if it were not for him. He is Aca awesome and deserves to be number one.

He is super cool and he is a perfect match for Becka

6 John
7 Aubrey

The best way to watch the second time is to view the movie as "The Redemption of Aubrey Posen"

I like her style

She is super mean until the end

She's cool

8 Benji
9 Gale
10 Cynthia Rose

She is amazing.My 2nd behind Fat Amy

She is funny and ok singer

The Contenders

11 Jessica

She loves Ashley

She is super nice and a great singer

12 Lily

Probably the most valuable and talented member of the bellas and by far the funniest character in the movies.
Rly wish people enjoyed and appreciated her more :(

She is really quiet

She is quiet but she’s really cute and has lots of dark secrets

13 Emily Junk

She is Hailee Steinfield, any more questions?

The youngest Bella, she is funny and just a great person all around, she is portrayed by Hailee Steinfield

14 Donald

Come on! He's obviously the best member of the Treblemakers and he's so funny

15 Ashley
16 Flo

Funny, acrobatic, and very pessimistic

17 Bumper

He is funny when he throws a burrito at Fat Amy

Awesome should be #4

I think it should go
1. Fat amy
2. Bumper
3, Becka

18 Cory
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