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1 Pizza Planet Delivery Truck

The Pizza Planet Truck appears as a cameo in several Pixar movies, including "Wall-E", "A Bug's Life", "Brave", "Nemo", "Car 2", and of course, "Toy Story". - Kevie16

I still don't understand why The Incredibles never had the Pizza Planet Truck, there was literally a scene on a huge freeway and a bunch of roads - PeeledBanana

2 "Cars" Drive-in Movies

Throughout "Cars", we can clearly see signs advertising the drive-in movie theater. These drive-ins feature movies like "Toy Car Story", "The Incredimobiles", and "Monter Trucks, Inc." - Kevie16

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3 Incredibles Comics

In "Nemo", the child in the dentist waiting room can be seen reading a comic book based on Mr. Incredible. - Kevie16

4 A Bug's Book

Mrs. Potatohead reads a story book to a few small toys. The viewer can briefly see a picture of Dot and her friends in the book. - Kevie16

5 A Villain in France

In "Ratatouille", you can briefly see Bomb Voyage, the first villain in "The Incredibles", in the background as a mime. - Kevie16

6 The Cars Tapestry

During the car chase in London in "Cars 2", you can see a tapestry that is designed like the one in "Brave"; however, the people are cars, obviously. - Kevie16

7 Boo's Room

Towards the end of "Monster's Inc." when Sully is returning Boo to her room, she gives him toys to play with. She gives him a Jessie doll, a Nemo toy, and the Luxo Ball. - Kevie16

8 Uncle Carl and Aunt Ellie

In "Toy Story 3", Andy seems to either be related to or somehow know Carl and Ellie Fredrickson from "Up". He has a postcard from them on his desk. - Kevie16

9 Lotso

A Lot-so-huggin' bear from "Toy Story 3" can be seen in a little girl's room in "Up" - Kevie16

10 Lightning McQueen Merchandise

A boy in the caterpillar room in "Toy Story 3" is seen wearing a Lightning McQueen t-shirt with 95 on it, Lightning McQueen's racing number. - Kevie16

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11 Sid
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