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On June 18th of 2021 a new Pixar movie is said to be released, and while it's currently untitled, the name of Pixar movies tend to be revealed exactly one year ahead of the film's release date, and that certain day is in two days as of June 16th of 2020. Seeing as it's an original Pixar movie, and not a sequel, why not take a look at the best Pixar movie originals? With that being said, here is the list.

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Wall-E Wall-E Product Image

This will most likely always be my favourite original Pixar movie of all time. Personally, it's literally impossible to hate this movie. The characters, the soundtrack, the plot, everything about this movie just blows my mind at times.

It tells the story of the robot Wall-E who works on Earth to clean up all trash, the movie is set in the future, when another robot EVE arrives to earth to look for life, Wll-E instantly beacomes in love with her and Wall-E goes with EVE to space with the help of the ship EVE came in. The ship is actually part of the much larger Axiom ship which holds all the humans that escaped earth after it became un-inhabitable. The friendship between Wall-E and EVE is so real and it's amazing how much emotion a movie about robots can have. My only sorta flaw with the movie is that it's a bit slow in the beginning but I wouldn't say it's a bad thing nevertheless.

Overall one of the greatest films ever made in humanity. The message is very great as well ...more

Toy Story Toy Story Product Image

It's the very first Pixar movie and is still to this day one of the studio's best. Revolutionary for its time as it was the first CGI animated movie ever and the concept and story surely made almost everyone fall in love with this wonderful film.

The whole concept of "What do toys do when you are not in their presence?" is something I'm sure most kids has always wondered. I actually used to think what they showed in the movie was accurate, and to an extent, we don't know if toys actually do have a life as well so I could very well be right. The story is about Sheriff Woody Pride who is the favourite toy of Andy but when a new toy, Buzz Lightyear comes in, he becomes Andy's temporary favourite toy which pisses Woody off, and as time goes by, they both accidently lose their owner and they have to work together to get back to Andy. Original story it is..., for its time. Now so many movies have overused this cliché such as The Secret Life of Pets as the best example which made it ...more

Inside Out Inside Out Product Image
Up Up Product Image

I've always considered Up to be the most overrated movie by Pixar, seeing as everyone seems to put this movie in the top five of their countdowns, whereas in my opinion this movie is pretty insignificant and boring. I'll admit this, the first ten minutes are the saddest moment in Pixar history, and it greatly symbolizes life. However after that..., there's not much going on.

Carl decides he wants to fulfill his and his now dead wife's dream of moving to Angel Falls in Venezuela, South America so he plants balloons on his house to fly away. It's nice and all but from this synopsis it seems like the movie will be very boring if that's all it's going to be about, so why don't we put in a random kid who appeared earlier in the movie to accidently hop on board the house, and we could also use a twist villain halfway through and bam, we have Up.
See, it kind of goes like this, the creators of the film came up with a montage so powerful and emotional, that they forgot they had to ...more

Finding Nemo Finding Nemo Product Image

Another one of the Pixar classics, much like all Pixar movies that were released before 2010. Most people seem to rank Finding Nemo as one of the best Pixar movies of all time though, which I've never really understood why, seeing as this movie didn't even reach the top five of this list, much less would it be in the top ten of a countdown of all Pixar movies for me. It's not that it's a bad movie, because it isn't. I just never found myself enjoying this movie nearly as much as some of the other great Pixar works.
It's about a clownfish family consisting of a father (Marlin) and a son (Nemo) who are the last surviving members of his family after a carnivorian fish attacked their own and ate the wife and the rest of the kids, and now it's time for Nemo to begin school, but Marlin is of course pretty paranoid about it as he's over-protective after that one incident. And like predicted, Nemo gets lost and Marlin must get to Sydney to find him and along the way he meets a blue tang ...more

Coco Coco Product Image

Probably one of the best movies I've seen in recent times. Mexican culture is super interesting and the whole point of this movie is incredibly interesting as well. Set during the day of the dead and has a lot of themes centered around that. Deep story and the characters all had some sort of personality and development.

Main protagonist is Miguel Rivera, a guy who dreams of becoming a musician but his family forbids music strongly. On the day of the dead he ends up in the day of the dead when testing playing on the guitar of Ernesto de la Cruz, his deceased biggest idol, where he must find him. The story and animation is just stunning. This is probably Pixar's most colourful movie to date. Everything just looks so beautiful in this movie.

Spoiler alert here, even though I'm not a fan of the twist villain cliché, I think Ernesto de la Cruz was a very well-executed villain and one of the best in that category. He's truly evil and has scary and psychopathic motivations and ...more

Monsters, Inc. Monsters, Inc. Product Image

As we exit the top five of this list, I find myself easier to rank the movies, as they all are significantly less enjoyable than the movies in the top five. That's not to say the bottom five ain't good, because they sure are quite amazing too.

Monsters, Inc. happens to be a childhood movie of mine, and thus there's a lot of nostalgia for this movie that I have. The plot is that Monsters, Inc is a company who produces energy for a city of monsters by going to the human world through door-portals to scare them at night, as scares harvest energy. But then a human child accidently happens to walk through that portal and seeing as this could harm the company, Sully and Mike must make sure she gets back the the real world.
This is a great plot, seeing as it kinda is another one of these "don't judge a book by its cover". By this I mean that the main protagonist Sully is the top scarer and most professional scarer in the company but deep down he cares a lot about his friends and is ...more

Ratatouille Ratatouille Product Image

Wanna be hungry instantly? Well just watch Ratatouille, that's what I do. No joke, everything in this movie seems to delicious it's really hard not wanting to eat while watching this movie. This of course, is just one of many amazing qualities of the movie though, as ther's so much more to it as well, which goes to show how great this movie is.

Remy is a rat who simply wants to be a master chef, unlike his fellow friends and family who prefer to eat the average garbage thrown out by humans. So he teams up with Linguini, a garbage boy at a restaurant and together they become the best chefs in Paris.

The character development is great, the animation is great, etc. Like pretty much all Pixar movies, it succeeds in all categories. There's also more to the movie than just Remy and Linguini. There's also the villians side-plot, Chef Skinner who is the owner of the restaurant where Linguini works at. When he finds out that Linguini is apparently the son of Gusteau, the founder ...more

The Incredibles The Incredibles Product Image

The Top Five are all pretty hard to rank in my opinion because they're all pretty excellent and nearly perfect masterpieces. I chose The Incredibles to be the lowest though mostly because I think the plot and characters aren't nearly as fun to watch as the ones in the top four.

It's about a family of superheroes who are forced underground after that superheroes have for some reason been made illegal, but then Mr. Incredible (Bob Parr) gets a secret message about some job on an island which he accepts, but then he realizes how it was all a trap set up by his former fan Buddy Pines (now Syndrome) who is plotting genocide on every superhero after how "badly" he was treated by Mr. Incredible in his youth.

Original story, but there are a few flaws I find in the movie which ultimately is what ranks this lower than the top four. For one, it's never clearly explained why superheroes were made illegal. Apparently Bob rescued someone who attempted suicide, but then he gets shamed ...more

Onward Onward Product Image

The Contenders

A Bug's Life A Bug's Life Product Image

This is one of the most underrated Pixar movies out there in my opinion. I mean not surprising considering how many second movies made by studios tend to be pretty overlooked at times (like The Incredible Hulk), but in my opinion it was certainly a nice movie. While I did like this movie a lot more back in the day, I still have a lot of positive opinions on the movie.
I have grown to see its many flaws though as time has passed by and therefore I am having this movie a lot lower on the list. When I first made this list draft I had this movie at #3 but as you see this movie is lower than that now. The story is generally simple and sorta clichéd as it's about an ant called Flik who basically by accident ruins an entire project that was meant to please their arch-enemies the grasshoppers and he goes to search for warriors to defend his ant friends from the grasshoppers. As I said, simple and cliché slightly.

The animation while good even as of today, doesn't hold up that ...more

Cars Cars Product Image

kinda memeable

The Good Dinosaur The Good Dinosaur Product Image
Finding Dory Finding Dory Product Image
Brave Brave Product Image
Toy Story 2 Toy Story 2 Product Image
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