Pixar Movies With the Best Story

Vote for the film with the most clever, unique, or heartwarming plot.

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1 Toy Story 3

This was the perfect ending to the trilogy, it concludes the subject in "Toy Story 2," and shows the toys on their greatest adventure ever. Andy grew up, he's heading to college, and now their panicing about their fate. They head to a day-care, Woody leaves and a new kid finds him, and he gets the playtime he's been waiting for. He rescues the other toys, and they have to face their worst nightmare of ending up at the dump. That was gonna end up being shown one way or another, and then their rescued when the aliens save them with "The Claw" in return for Mr. Potatoe Head saving them, and Mr. potatoe head finally accepts them as his children. And Andy shows that he still loves them, and gives them to the girl that found Woody. Then the toys finally get the play time they've waited for. And the most touching moment happens at the end when all the Toys meet Bonnie's toys and it ends with the clouds that look just like Andy's old wall paper from the opening of the first film.
I think ...more

2 Finding Nemo

A father fish travels the whole ocean to find his son and learns to be adventurous himself.

3 Up

A widowed husband keeping the promise he made to his wife as kids. So touching.


This little guy literally saves the Planet. And he learns to love.

5 Cars

A great story with great morals

Cars is so underrated!

6 The Incredibles
7 Toy Story
8 Monsters Inc.
9 Toy Story 2
10 Cars 2

Who Put This Here Needs To Think About What They Were Thinking Because Cars 2's Story Is Bad

The Contenders

11 Inside Out

I love this movie

12 Monsters University
13 Ratatouille
14 A Bug's Life
15 Brave

Different from another Princess story.

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