Top 10 Best Pixar Movies that Came Out Before 2017

Coco comes out in about a month. Considering how much lack of advertisement it’s been getting, I’m kind of worried by how well it will do. But anyway, let’s discuss the best Pixar films that came out before 2017.

The Top Ten Best Pixar Movies that Came Out Before 2017

1 Finding Nemo

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Aeriel getting eaten by a whale

You know who I want to see get eaten by a whale? Ariel! If the Little Mermaid ended like that, I’d be so happy! Finding Nemo is known to be one of Pixar’s best films and I totally agree! Up until, well, Up came out, this was the most emotional Pixar film. Nemo gets stolen and Marlin, along with Dory, travels across the ocean to try to find him. That shows how much he cares about his son. Marlin is overprotective of Nemo, but that’s because he lost his wife. So it makes sense. But I find the message to be kind of confusing. It’s that Marlin shouldn’t be overprotective even though Nemo got taken away due to disobeying him. And that’s another thing I want to bring up. Nemo is Ariel done right! He disobeys his father, gets punished for it, and he actually learns his lesson in the end! There are some inaccuracies relating to ocean life in the movie. But since it’s an animated film for kids, changes are necessary. If it was gonna be 100% accurate, Marlin would be a female ...more - MegaSoulhero

2 The Incredibles

@comments about shoving it up our throats, I'm guilty of doing that too, and still am. But I'm trying to get better. But I feel like EVERYONE here does it because even after all this time, I STILL haven't found anyone who DOES like Liv and Maddie OR Teletubbies! And they're STILL saying they shouldn't be on the lists I made even though I WANTED them too. Also, I added ALL the remaining movies that weren't already here before I came (I didn't have to add Monsters University and A Bug's Life), but I accidentally added Cars 2 BEFORE Cars 1 by mistake. I don't actually like the sequel (though I've heard the third is much better and am planning to watch it), but I wanted it on the list just to complete it. But it was still supposed to be last because it's still the worst movie out of the ones on this list AND my least favorite. So vote for the first one to get it higher. - Disney1994

Still so overrated? It's been 13 years since it was released, and I getting the feel that this is the most overrated Pixar thing on TheTopTens, I'm seriously NOT looking forward to the sequel next year, I would rather want Toy Story 4. - darthvadern

For the person that said stop shoving it down our throats, he can do anything he wants, so stop

Stop shoving this one up throats!

3 Inside Out

Inside Out is a movie about people who turn themselves inside out. I’m just kidding. It’s about the emotions inside a little girl’s head that help her get through life. I didn’t think this movie was gonna be as good as it was! Before this movie, that last Pixar film that I thought was great was Toy Story 3. Inside Out genuinely felt like it belongs in Pixar! It is such an emotional and relatable film! It shows you the struggles of growing up! Kind of like... you know what, forget what I was about to say. People will disagree with me anyways. Also, Inside Out actually makes us care for Riley and we want her to get through life in a great way! The message of the film is that everyone needs sadness. And I think that’s a really great message because it’s true. We can’t be happy all the time. This is definitely one of Pixar’s best! But it is definitely NOT the best movie ever! You’re probably wondering why I decided to point that out. Well, I’m not telling you. Let’s ...more - MegaSoulhero

4 Up

Up is an emotional masterpiece! This is the most emotional Pixar film to this day! There are quite a few moments in when I felt a tear sliding down my face. Just the first 10 minutes alone is enough to make someone cry! That’s the scene that everyone talks about the most. It shows us Carl and Ellie spending their lives together and then eventually, Ellie passes away. Pixar actually managed to make us care for two characters in only 10 minutes! How is that even possible? There’s also the scene where Carl is sitting in his chair and looking through his scrapbook. In my opinion, that’s the saddest scene in the movie. There are also moments of peril where you start to feel worried for the characters because they’re lives are at risk. Charles Muntz actually tried to harm a kid! Speaking of Charles Muntz, how was he still alive when he met Carl? Muntz was an adult when Carl was a kid. Regardless of that, there’s really no reason to hate Up. And surprisingly, there actually people ...more - MegaSoulhero

5 Toy Story 3

After reading through comments and watching videos, it seems as though people really hate this movie. I personally don’t see why. Toy Story 3 is another great sequel! Which was followed by an absolutely terrible sequel a year later. Just like the second movie, this one introduces us to new characters. And once again, they’re all great! Never in my life did I think Batman would be a doll! Lotso-O is a surprisingly great villain! He actually kind of has an understandable motivation. Toy Story 3 also manages to be the most emotional of the franchise! That incinerator scene was extremely dark! These characters that we cared about for years were about to be destroyed! And the ending is also very emotional! Andy gives away his toys as a way to show that he’s grown up. Even my dad cried at that part! And he never cries! Toy Story has a great run. It’s great to know that it ended very strong. These characters have been a huge part of our childhoods. So it’s sad to say goodbye to... ...more - MegaSoulhero

Is this movie hated, from what I've seen it's praised by both critics and Pixar fans, I thought I was the only true Pixar fan to dislike Toy Story 3. - darthvadern

Overrated, by the way, when you talked about Lotso's motivations, I disagree with you, I think he has some stupid motivations, yes, he has a sad backstory, but his backstory dosen't have to do with any of his motivations, he just is a dicator of Sunnyside beaucse, I don't know, just beaucse he believes he got replaced it's a stupid reason to beacome a dictator on something that dosen't have to do anything with his owner. Now, I don't remember everything from Toy Story 3, considering it's my least favorite in the trilogy, and my least favorite Pixar movie, but I think Lotso's motivations are dumb and stupid. - darthvadern

6 Toy Story 2

The best Toy Story movie, and the second best Pixar movie overall! - darthvadern

Toy Story 2 is Pixar’s first sequel and third movie overall! As we all know, it’s hard to make a sequel that’s better than the original. So how do you top an already great film? By giving us a much bigger and more heartfelt story and by introducing us to new characters! In this movie, we are introduced to Jessie the cowgirl, Bullseye the horse, and Pete the prospector, who becomes the villain of the film. And they are all great characters! We are also introduced to Barbie. An actual likeable Jodi Benson character! Ariel sucks! In this sequel, the stakes are much higher! There’s a lot of intense moments. Like the airport scene. There’s also an emotional song that Jessie sings about her original owner who got rid of her. It was the first legitimately sad moment in a Pixar film. And I gotta give them credit for that. This was a surprisingly great sequel. I love it! - MegaSoulhero

7 Toy Story

Toy Story isn’t just the first Pixar film, it’s the very first fully CGI animated film! Looking back at it, the animation looks pretty cheap compared to the animation of recent films, but again, it was the first CGI film ever made. It pretty much answers the question of “What if toys had feelings? ” It shows us what toys do when there are no kids around. They enjoy being played with because it makes the kids happy. I really enjoy the characters! Every single one of them! Especially Woody and Buzz! By the way, WHY DOES BUZZ FREEZE IN FRONT OF HUMANS!? That’s a question I’ve been asking for years! A major plot point is that Buzz doesn’t know he’s a toy and thinks he’s a real space ranger! If he doesn’t know he’s a toy, he shouldn’t know that he has to freeze in front of humans! But of course, Toy Story is an excellent film. One of the best. - MegaSoulhero

8 Finding Dory

I’ve done a lot of terrible things on this site. I’m even thinking about making a top 10 list about them. But I cannot believe that I ever thought this movie was gonna be bad! Unfortunately though, a lot of people hate this movie. Pretty much for the same reason why people hate The Force Awakens. But just like with the Force Awakens, I’m not bothered by it as much as everyone else is. I think Dory is a pretty great character and they did a great job with creating a story that would have us feeling bad for her. It’s not like Cars 2 in which they decided to use the comic relief character and just have the character do stupid stuff. This one uses the comic relief character and actually gives her more of a personality. We felt said knowing she lost her parents and we were happy when she found them. This is a truly great movie. - MegaSoulhero

9 Ratatouille

One of the most latest Pixar movies that 've seen, I saw it 15th October 2017, and I just loved it, fifth best Pixar movie! - darthvadern

I have a very strong hatred for rats, but this movie was pretty good. Who knew that a rat could be so good at cooking? I wish I had a rat that could cook! The rats that I had as pets were terrible cooks and one of them tried to bite my finger! But anyway, the movie has a pretty great message. It’s to never give up on your dreams. Remy has a dream of being a chef and he doesn’t give up and he eventually achieves his goal. And he does so by helping out a human chef who sucks at cooking. A lot of people hate finding rodents in the kitchen. So I really love the irony here. And the movie definitely made me hungry! I can’t wait for the sequel in which all the rats control the humans by pulling on their hair so they can take over the world! - MegaSoulhero

10 Monsters, Inc.

I love Monsters Inc. A very imaginative and interesting movie, and one of my favorites by Pixar. I actually liked the prequel too, but it's nowhere near as good as this, but the prequel still had interesting character designs and some funny jokes, which I didn't think were that bad at all! - Phillip873

Monsters University sucks! Why hasn’t Monsters Inc. gotten an actual sequel yet? That ending got me begging for one! It is such a heartfelt and hilarious movie! Monsters scare kids and collect their screams so they can have power. Wait. Why can’t they use their own screams? Anyway, they find a human girl named Boo, which leads to a very touching relationship between Sully and Boo. Despite being a monster and her being human, Sully really cares about her. It’s a far better love story than Twilight and Fifty Shades! By the way, the voice actress for Boo is hot now! Like really hot! Not only is the movie touching, this is one of the funniest Pixar movies ever! There are tons of memorable jokes that get me to laugh every time! This movie really needs a sequel! Not a terrible prequel! - MegaSoulhero

The Contenders

11 Wall-E

How could someome forget to have this movie in the top ten!?!? - darthvadern


It’s good, but overrated

12 A Bug's Life

Third best Pixar movie in my opinion. - darthvadern

13 Cars
14 Monsters University
15 Brave
16 The Good Dinosaur
17 Cars 2
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