Top Ten Pixar Movies with the Best Animation


The Top Ten

1 Coco

Heck! The movie isn't even released yet (as I'm writing this comment), but the pictures and everything looks GORGEOUS! The posters, the trailers, everything looks amazing as hell! No doubt this will be the best movie of the year only beaten by Baby Driver. - darthvadern

I cannot wait for this movie. It's Pixar's first musical. - phillysports

Wait, is it going to be a musical? OH NO! I've lost hope in this movie now... - darthvadern

2 The Good Dinosaur

The water animation looks reallistic as heck! And the scenary is amazing! - darthvadern

3 Brave

Really good animation. - darthvadern

4 Finding Nemo

Same as Finding Dory. - darthvadern

5 Cars 3

This movies animation looks so real! Just wsatch it, I haven't even watcehd it yet but it looks amazing! - darthvadern

6 Cars 2

Super good animation. - darthvadern

7 Finding Dory

Water looks super reallistic. - darthvadern

8 Toy Story
9 Inside Out (2015)

It didn't impress me that much but it was good still to be honest. - darthvadern

The animation is the same with every pixar movie since the incredibles - VideoGamefan5

10 Wall-E

The Contenders

11 The Incredibles
12 Monster's University

Has ome really good animation. - darthvadern

13 Toy Story 3

As much as I dislike this movie, the animation looks very good compared to it's precedessors. - darthvadern

14 A Bug's Life
15 Monsters, Inc.

This is some of my favourite Pixar animation due to the textures and character designs. - iliekpiez

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