Top 10 Pixar Sequel Ideas

The Top Ten Pixar Sequel Ideas

1 Wall-E 2
2 Bing Bong Begins

The title reminds me of “Batman Begins” - BlazingParasol

3 Up 2
4 Incredibles 2

Was this list done before Incredibles 2 came out? or did someone just think there was just one movie.

Incredibles 2 already exists!

Isn’t this just supposed to be a list of Pixar sequels that haven’t been announced? Why is this here if we already know it’s coming out?

5 A Bug's Life 2
6 Ratatouille 2
7 Coco Prequel

Why is the picture "A Bug's Life"? Lol.

@RockyCyndaquil, Coco won too many awards and the sequel might end up disappointing like Mulan 2. - Swampert02

I really want there to be a sequel and I want it to be amazing. - RockyCyndaquil

Wrong poster.LOL

8 Toy Story 4

It’s coming out next year - MegaSoulhero

9 Brave 2

I'd be fine with this, just as long as it gets critically panned like Cars 2.

10 Making Nemo

Is this gonna be marlin and his wife having sex? Haha

I actually didn't make this up.

Sex is innapropriate for Pixar - Swampert02

O nu

The Contenders

11 Monsters, Inc. 3

There isn't a Monsters, Inc. 2 yet though. Monsters University is a prequel and not a sequel. - TheFourthWorld

12 The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer
13 Ice Age: Call Of The Wild

Not a Pixar movie

14 Finding Marlin
15 Homeward Bound: Chance's Next Adventure
16 Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Continues
17 Toy Story 5

That ending was awful! Make this so its ending is very superior to 3 and then leave Toy Story alone after this! >:(

18 Cars 4

duh - sonictiger

19 Monsters Inc 2 - Boo’s Teenage Years
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