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Tomorrow on June 21st of 2019, Toy Story 4 is released in theaters in the US, which means another Pixar sequel is released. Speaking of which, Pixar sequels. Here are the best Pixar sequels of all time. With that being said, here's the list.

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1 Toy Story 2

I'm honestly surprised this list was only made now. - Misfire

I'm legit surprised almost everyone on here likes this one the most in the series. One and three usually are everyone's favourites but it turns out a lot of Gen-19 likes this one the most. That's awesome. Turns out I'm not the only one who likes this one the most as well - darthvadern

"You. Are. A TOY" - Buzz Lightyear 1999 - Peppapigsucks

Best sequel ever. Sure 3 is good, but 2 is better. - RadioHead03

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2 Toy Story 3

If my calculations are correct, this movie is going to be voted up to number #1, while it will stay at #4 in my remix. Funny how opinions are so different at times. I enjoyed the movie, especially the story and emotion, it's amazing to see how so long it was since the second installment was released and it seems the timeline in the movie has also gotten moved forwad a lot.

Unfortunately I think it's a bit overrated. The jokes were overall just bathroom humour unfortunately and I felt like a lot of the new characters were terrible and just plain annoying. Especially that Ken barby doll. So basically, awesome idea, mediocre execution. But still I enjoy this movie. - darthvadern

Not a good movie (none of them are) and they should've ended the series here. - shadomatrix

This movie shouldn't exist. - RobertWisdom

This was a very good Toy Story movie. - RadioHead03

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3 Finding Dory

Yeah. Cool movie and better than original for me. But you probably already knew it because of how unpopular my opinions can get when it comes to movies. The first movie in the series Finding Nemo released back in 2003 was a hit and almost everyone loved it, including myself. I mean, it had great characters, a great plot, great enviroment and overall memorable moments. Dory was the best part of it.

While she isn't as good here, they expanded on her character a lot more here which I appreciate nevertheless. Hank the octopus is the new best character in the franchise, he is irritated but they make him quite hilarious at times. He helps Dory throughout the movie as well and has some great character development. It's because of this I actually think this movie was better than it's precedessor Finding Nemo. - darthvadern

This is a thing? - DenyYourMaker

Finding Nemo is better in my opinion simply because it’s more memorable but this one isn’t bad by any means. If you liked the original you’ll probably like this one as well. - Randomator

4 Incredibles 2

I'd say it's Pixar's best non-Toy Story sequel to date. - codgtamk34

Better than the original honestly - DenyYourMaker

I gotta watch this - trains45

Now yes this movie isn't nearly as good as the original which might be one of the best Pixar movies of all time but, it's still a fairly awesome masterpiece in my opinion.

It's not as memorable or charming as the original but it was creepier than the original definitely with the very awesome villian known as Screeenslaver. Screenslaver is a twist villian, unfortunately but she's done quite well in my opinion. Her motivations are understandable and she's creepy as heck to be fair. And to be honest, the story is awesome as well. I really liked seeing all these new superheroes and it was quite nice. Overall it's an awesome movie. or like my old spelling "awesomne". - darthvadern

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5 Toy Story 4

Um... The last few items are factually incorrect. The reason being is that they are not sequels. A sequel is the second continuation of that movie. After that a third continuation would be a trilogy and I don't know what a fourth continuation would be called - BananaBrain

By definition, a sequel can be anything that succeeds the story of a previous installment. - Archived

Toy Story 4 was unnecessary but at the same time, I loved it. Just happy pixar didn't go the Ice Age route.

It was fine, but we could've lived without it. Its very sad by the way. - codgtamk34

Watched it yesterday and it was awesome. - Votebotingsucks

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6 Cars 2

Don't really understand why it's so hated, it's a really entertaining movie that actually does something different from its predecessor (namely the spies, making it more interesting). The best parts of Pixar's movies are not, despite what some say, the "sad stuff", but it's really the action and comedy that make the movies interesting-which Cars 2 has in spades.

Everyone hates this movei but..., yeah, I don't. I don't care that the movie isn't all centered on racing. In my opinion that's what made the original relatively boring. This is a mix between racing and spy, which is great.

A lot of the new cars, especially the villians, while relatively bland look awesome and I especially like how the movie is way more action-packed and exciting than the original which had a much less chaotic tone. You get it where this is going, I really like this sequel. - darthvadern

Cars 2 is actually unique in it's story (unlike the other Cars movies.) I feel that it's different in a cool way and should not be hated on.

At this point, Cars 2 (along with the whole franchise) is too overhated. - codgtamk34

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7 Cars 3

I think Cars 2 is the overall best Cars movie due to being more exciting and stuff. Cars 3 is somewhat boring but they did a good job with the movie. Unlike the original which was just boring, Cars 3 has a pretty good plot and is actually exciting in some parts. Really liked the new characters such as Cruz Ramirez, but Chick Hicks, my favourite from the first one makes a cameo luckily here as well and I love it.

The story is definitely a bit of a rehash of the original. Lightning McQueen trains to beat his rival. It has some differences though like that in the original, it starts with a race, and three cars get to the finish line at the exact same time so they go to another stadium to see who's the winner and McQueen trains. Here McQueen quits racing because of a new generation of cars so he trains so he can beat them. Similar but different. Movie is a bit boring but it has pros as well. It's my least favourite pixar sequel so far though. - darthvadern

Man screw all of you! Cars 3 was great

I can see the hate comments coming now. I liked it though. - codgtamk34

This movie feels like what cars 2 should have been - Randomator

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8 Monsters University

Technically a prequel but it's still considered a "sequel". This is a heavily overhated and underrated Pixar movie. The original Monster's Inc., is among people's favourite animated movies of all time, including when it comes to my opinion, and this is basically the prequel to it, centering around Mike and Sully's years in college. This time Mike's the main protagonist though instead of Sully.

I really like this movie. Not as good as the original but still a worthy prequel that I heavily enjoyed. I especially enjoyed the sections of the scare game scenes. They were especially great as they showed a lot of character development for all characters and they have a lot of exciting moments. This is in my opinion a great pixar sequel. - darthvadern

I don't get the hate for this movie. - Undistinguished

I used to love this film when I was younger.

9 Toy Story that Time Forgot
10 Toy Story of Terror

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11 Frozen II

It got cancelled

1. Not Pixar
2. Not Even Out - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

12 Ralph Breaks the Internet

Wreck it ralph is not pixar - ElijahCoriell

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