Greatest Pixar Soundtracks

Pixar always knows how to create fantastic original soundtracks and scores to really get you into the movie you're watching. Here is a list of the best of them.

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1 Toy Story

You've Got a Friend in Me is a wonderful song, about friendship and love for each other. It explores the friendship of Woody and Buzz throughout the Toy Story movies, showing that they will be friends forever, at the Infinity and Beyond.

This song slap

"You Got a Friend in Me", "Strange Things", classic. This is the soundtrack that we all grew up with, and it still holds up more than 20 years later. Thanks Randy Newman. - phillysports

"You Got a Friend in Me" gets stuck in my head after I watch any Toy Story movie. - EpicJake

2 The Incredibles

One of best film soundtracks - iliekpiez

This be best film xoxo

Just a flat out amazing score with a fantastic action main theme. - phillysports

Oh man, I love this theme. Spy - PeeledBanana

3 Up

The soundtrack of Up properly conveys a lot of the emotions this 'kids' movie actually goes to express. After re-watching one of my favorite films when I was notably younger and actually knowing what really went on in the film adds a significant larger amount of weight to the beautiful scores of this movie. Also 'The Spirit of Adventure' is a brilliant song. If I were to hear it outside of the film I'd think it was on one of those "Top Hits of The 30's! " lists.

The Married Life tune and how they incorporate that tune throughout the entire movie.

The music that played at the beginning of the film... when the transition went from happy to sad, I almost felt like crying when the piano was being delicately played as it showed Carl all alone at his late wife's funeral... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

A truly magnificent score that conveys the spirit of adventure and the vitality of life. - phillysports

4 Inside Out

TripleDent Gum
Will make you smile
TripleDent Gum
It lasts a while
TripleDent Gum
Will help you, mister
To punch bad breath right in the kisser
TripleDent Gum! - FuffleyandPeetah

The greatest Pixar OST ever very beautiful and heartfelt... Yet no one cares about the music only the movie (which is still great)

Pixar's greatest score in my opinion. It helps to elicit every emotion that is expressed in the film. - phillysports

The little catchy piano tone was touching

5 Cars

Should have won Oscar

Best soundtrack

Definitely Newman's most forgettable soundtrack. Rascal Flatts' "Life is a Highway" is pretty good though. - phillysports

Such a feel-good soundtrack!

6 Toy Story 3

Another fantastic soundtrack led by another Oscar-winning Randy Newman song. - phillysports

This theme is great, the part where Andy is driving off and the screen zooms in to Woody - PeeledBanana

7 Finding Nemo

Probably one of the most underrated movie scores ever.

This soundtrack is so soothing. every time I hear it it reminds me of my childhood. It gets stuck in your head in a good way

Nemo Egg is the best music theme of any animated movie, alongside Test Drive from How To Train Your Dragon. Both are really great movies with great soundtracks! - Crocoduck

The music makes the best moments of the film even better. From the opening titles, to Nemo hearing about his Dad's journey, to Nemo lying on the ocean floor, telling Marlin he doesn't hate him, it's all brilliant. Thomas Newman is extremely underrated.

8 Monsters, Inc.

Randy Newman hits another home run with this jazzy score. - phillysports

We like for ever we watch it

9 Ratatouille

Maybe the best soundtrack ever written. great French energy.

Another great soundtrack. - iliekpiez

Just a beautiful arrangement that celebrates and embraces the movie's French environment. - phillysports

The music in Ratatouille is so uplifting and beautiful and "Le Festin" by Camille is absolutely gorgeous, even if I don't speak French!

10 Toy Story 2

The music in this is so powerful. I like the touching gentle music in Jessie's song, but I also like the grand score in the opening scene with Buzz flying.

Yet ANOTHER Newman soundtrack highlighted by the beautiful "When She Loved Me". - phillysports

The Contenders

11 Monsters University

The music of Monsters University is great! I especially like the drum and college music.

I love how Pixar really went all out with the college band music. - phillysports

I don't know any up, nemo, or inside out songs...
also, toy story is getting kinda overrated...

MU is just music to my ears... (literally and idiomly)

12 Cars 2

No, Cars 2 Doesn't Deserve To Be Last, I Like Soundtrack, even If I would hate the film, I like the music in it, and why is inside out at number 2? , It's a good movie for sure, but it doesn't have any music - VideoGamefan5

Of course Cars 2 is the worst. Cars 2 is the worst in everything. - phillysports

HA!, Cars 2 Is Now 9, Excellent! - VideoGamefan5

The score for both Cars movies weren't even that good.

13 A Bug's Life

What can I say? It's Randy Newman. - phillysports

I’d say no. 1... highly underrated.


Define Dancing is phenominal in my opinion

This should be higher

Very good - iliekpiez

Marvelous score that gives you an ominous "space-future" vibe. - phillysports

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15 Coco

This movie HAS to be on the list

This film has great great music


16 Finding Dory
17 Brave

The music for Brave is so beautiful and it is historically accurate. Most instruments used in the score were actually used in ancient Scotland.

This score is AMAZEING it mixes Scottish bagpipes and classical European instruments to make a truly enchanting tone that I still listen to today.

Even though Brave is definitely Pixar's most "meh" production, you got to admit that those bagpipes sound pretty awesome. - phillysports

I love the Scottish soundtrack playing in the backround it makes me feel so... um... Scottish.

18 The Good Dinosaur

To be honest, I haven't seen this movie yet. How was it? - phillysports

It was actually a pretty good film, it is on the weaker side of Pixar but it's not worse Cars 2 - PeeledBanana

Inside out was a gem in the poop known as recent pixar I DID NOT like this

19 The Adventures of Andre & Wally B.

The Flight of the Bumblebee - Maddox121

20 Incredibles 2
21 Cars 3


22 Toy Story 4 Toy Story 4

It's a great movie

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