Top Ten Best Pixar Theories

Wrap your head in tinfoil and disappoint your mother it's conspiracy time

The Top Ten

1 All Pixar Movies Are Connected

So obvious that this is the best theory! Maybe Pixar didn’t do it on purpose, but these movies are all in the same universe! - BluePrideBadger

It states that all the Pixar movies are connected look it up if you don't know it - Shartfart

Except A Bug's Life,Ratatouille,Monsters Inc,Wall-E,Cars,

2 Jessie's Old Owner Is Andy's Mother

We'll parents do pass things off to kids Like toys and Andy has the same cowboy hat that Emily had in Jessie's flashback - Shartfart

3 Randall Is Andy's Monster

Ok so Randall camouflages himself against wallpaper that resembles Andy's
And in toy story three we see on Andy's closet a sticker that says "nute crossing" and Randall resembles a nute moving on - Shartfart

4 Carl Is Crazy

Ok I saw this on YouTube on the channel ''supercarlinbrothers'' so look it up - Shartfart

5 The Fish In Finding Nemo Can Talk Because of Strong Pollution

That's how SpongeBob happened, actually. - Puga

I heard this somewhere and it does make sense - Shartfart

6 Carl Is Making Up All of Munt's Achievements

Ok so munts says he found a giant tourtise sloth with rossevelt but at the beginning of the movie it's 1934 and munts was 23 pressidant rossevelt died in 1919 so if you subtract twenty three from 1934 you get 1911 so at most munts was eight when he found this giant tourtise sloth or whatever it was but in what world does this eight year old kid get this skeloten and not the pressidant the world of a crazy old person, Carl - Shartfart

7 Sully was killed
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