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1 Syndrome - The Incredibles Syndrome (born as Buddy Pine) is the primary antagonist in The Incredibles. He wanted to be super like the others, even though he had no powers. He was Mr. Incredible's #1 fan, and dubbed himself "Incrediboy," but he was rejected by Mr. Incredible. Angered after being refused, he developed an evil plan more.

Well the reason why syndrome is evil was because Mr. incredible rejected him

Good concept, worse execution. He is well-written but at the same time he's hypersensitive because of those motivations he had. Not a top villian for me - darthvadern

He killed almost every single superhero in the world just so he could become one himself. His plan was to plant a dangerous robot in the middle of a big city (which would cause many casualties) and destroy just so he can be looked at as a hero. He would then sell his inventions for loads of money so that everyone would be super and that the very foundation of power in the world would be disrupted. His plan would have started wars and many deaths, which makes him one of the greatest evil geniuses ever. - alrod360

He's hilarious. You can't not like Syndrome as a villain. He had a goal, and I think he was the closest Pixar villain to achieve his goal. If it wasn't for his cape, he probably could've kidnapped Jack-Jack eventually. Pixar did a really good job of developing his character.

2 Hopper - A Bug's Life

This guy looks badass and is pretty scary. He's pretty much the Hitler of Pixar when it comes to evilness - darthvadern

Hopper represents the capitalist class of the real world, the rulers who want to keep us, the proletariat, down. A Bug’s Life was an amazing socialist commentary and the scene where the ants stuffed Hopper into a cannon was reminiscent of when the French peasants guillotined the decadent French monarchs who lived lavishly and stole the fruits of the French peasants’ labour. His death made me sad because I really liked him but it also sends an important message that the only way to deal with the bourgeoisie/government is to kill them.

Kevin Spacey did a really good job making Hopper intimidating

Authoritarian philosophy, army, and respectable suave. #VoteForHopper

3 Sid Phillips - Toy Story

More misunderstood than evil, and not a true villain. I felt really bad for Sid, but I'm glad he changes after the first movie. He grows up to be a garbage man.

They say Sid Phillips became surgeon is true?

Sid saves toys in toy story 3

He blew up his toys! - Ajkloth

4 Lotso Huggin'Bear - Toy Story 3

I admit it, Syndrome an Hopper are are villains but they git a little too much praise, especially Syndrome, with his I he is the best Pixar villain. A pure evil can be boring, mediocre and compelling and he is a walking example in how a pure evil villain can be written. A guy with an emotional story with heinous actions that are understood because of the motive but nit justified. Then with the third act betrayal where every single sympathy I had with him for his backstory is now dull and wish he was dead. (He is just strapped to the garbage truck I wanted to see him have a deadly fate but the series for sure ends in Toy Story 4). Hopper and Syndrome are great byt Lotso should have been above them.

By far the most evil Toy Story character with no redeeming qualities in contrast to Sid and Stinky Pete who do have redeeming qualities.

He should be top

Good and well-written villian - darthvadern

5 Randall Boggs - Monsters Inc. Randall Boggs is a Pixar villain from both Monsters Inc and its prequel, Monsters University. He is voiced by Steve Buscemi, and has a reptilian appearance, with purple and blue scales and green eyes.

I love this guy! He's a very cool, unique and unexpected villain.

Randall is my favourite

I have nostalgia for Monster's Inc. so yeah this guy's cool - darthvadern

6 Charles Mutts - Up

He is so AMAZING! He is really intimidating and when he died it still seemed creepy to me

A deranged explorer played by Christopher Plummer who uses evil dogs to do his bidding. That's already awesome enough

Cool but slightly forgettable - darthvadern

7 Stinky Pete - Toy Story 2

He is voiced by Sideshow Bob!

Incredibly interesting motivations he has - darthvadern

He's one big stinker!

8 Chick Hicks - Cars

A one-dimensional villian with barely any screentime. Despite this I consider him one of my favourites. He just looks so badass in my opinion - darthvadern

Chick is just insane. HE ALMOST KILLS THE KING just TO WIN THE PISTON CUP! The worst part is he still thinks he is awesome even after he is shown he is not.

Even though I'm really annoyed with him, I still think is a good villain - WGPRacerFanlol

He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He deserves to be hit with confetti.

9 Henry Waternoose III - Monsters Inc.

He is way better than Randall.

This guy is iconic - darthvadern

10 Auto - WALL-E

He's my favorite Pixar villain of all time! He should be in the top 5.

I don't like him that much aside from trying to kill the captain.

Forgettable to be honest - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 Zurg - Toy Story 2

One of the best - darthvadern

12 Ernesto de la Cruz - Coco

Unlike most other twist villians, this one was executed quite well - darthvadern

He stole everything from Hector

He killed hector

Remember Me

13 Darla - Finding Nemo

I guess she's a "villian" but not very memorable - darthvadern

14 Bruce - Finding Nemo

Fish are friends, not food. That doesn't sound evil. But you never want a shark to smell blood.

He's not a villain he just smell blood and run amock

He's not a villian. Not in the slightest - darthvadern

15 Anton Ego - Ratatouille

How is he a villain?

This guy is not a villian. Just creepy - darthvadern

Anton ego

16 Omnidroid - The Incredible
17 Mor'du - Brave

Mordu is a badass with a lot of scars and a scary look
plus he is so powerful and cool
my favorite pixar villain

18 Hank the Octopus - Finding Dory

Hank is not evil he is far from it

This is a MAIN character! Not a villian at all - darthvadern

19 Evelyn Deavor/Screenslaver - Incredibles 2

She plays an awesome role as the mastermind behind Screenslaver!

She’s the second greatest villain in the Incredibles franchise with Syndrome first!

Already on list - darthvadern

I feel like she was ok, but she will never be good as Syndrome.

20 Miles Axlerod - Cars 2

Axlerod is a former oil baron who sold off his fortune and converted himself into an electric vehicle. He was the leader of the Lemons (criminal organisation) who wanted to turn the entire world against alternative fuels and make money out of it. The Lemons hurt many and even killed several cars in their attempt to achieve their goal. However, Axlerod's plans were foiled when Tow Mater exposed his crimes.

He is the mastermind of the greatest conspiracy I’ve seen in any Pixar movie

Interesting villian... - darthvadern

21 Al - Toy Story 2

He good - darthvadern

22 The Underminer - The Incredibles

Nah. I disagree. He's useless.

Not really memorable - darthvadern

23 Frank - Cars

A cool red tractor

Who? - darthvadern

24 The ScreenSlaver / Evelyn - The Incredibles 2

She is a better villain than Syndrome!

BEST VILLAIN OF 2018 - B1ueNew

Overhated - darthvadern

25 Chef Skinner - Ratatouille

Hilarious villian - darthvadern

26 The Seagulls - Finding Nemo

Guess they are villians - darthvadern

27 Jackson Storm - Cars 3

This is just a rehash on Chick Hicks just slightly more friendly I guess - darthvadern

The only villainous act he did was push Cruz into the outer wall, although he indirectly caused McQueen’s crash. Other than that, he was just an obstacle, but not trying to antagonize McQueen, + he had no backstory. Definitely one of the weakest villains in Pixar movies. - Kwaysar

He is a younger Chick Hicks

It d mat what you think of him though he has one cool design

28 Acer - Cars 2

Looks badass - darthvadern

29 Professor Zundapp - Cars 2

One of a best interesting villain.

Cool - darthvadern

30 Thunderclap - The Good Dinosaur

Those dudes were forgettable - darthvadern

31 Scud - Toy Story

That dog? He's alright - darthvadern

32 Sterling - Cars 3

I felt his wanting to make mcqueen a brand was sort of like disney pulling a gun on pixar and telling them to make the five-car pileup that was cars 2, which did everything wrong toystory2 did so right.

In other words, he's a satirical character that satirises disney's greed and need to sell thneeds and lots of McQueen and cars merchandise. Cars 3 wasn't bad; it was like they wanted a good job done. And mater back to comic relief - what a relief.

I feel like he's the true villain of Cars 3

Forgettable - darthvadern

33 Gabby Gabby - Toy Story 4

I think Gabby Gabby is the best villain of all time, and one of the many reasons why Toy Story 4 is my all time favorite film. She isn't evil, it's just her actions cause trouble for the main characters. And the scene where she is given to the lost kid almost made me cry. I see Gabby Gabby as the perfect villain.

She actually gets redeemed

34 Dean Hardscrabble - Monsters University

Forgettable as well - darthvadern

35 Jangles The Clown - Inside Out

The closest thing to a villian in that movie but even then he's not that much of a "villian" - darthvadern

Inside Out didn't have a villain. That's what was so interesting about it.

36 Francesco - Cars 2

He's not a villian - darthvadern

Wasn’t evil, he just has a big ego. - Kwaysar

37 Johnny Worthington III - Monsters University

Slightly forgettable - darthvadern

He always wins the events of monsters university but a few moments later ooze makappa now always wins against him but he almost won the last event but mike wazowski won it

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