Top 10 Best Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios Movies of the 2010s

These days, it’s hard to differentiate Walt Disney Animation Studios from Pixar. They both practically come out with the same types of movies now. Which is most noticeable in the 2010s. However, they still come out with good films. So let’s discuss the best Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios movies of the 2010s.

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1 Zootopia

I respond, why do so many people HATE the movie because it has a good political message? A good political message should be a POSITIVE for a film but everyone wants to make that a negative for whatever reason. Like, what's the problem with being positive? Do you think it's cheesy? Does it not affect you or your life (which it should)? - Mcgillacuddy

I really cannot choose between a lot of these to be honest. You are so right when you say that it's hard to differentiate Pixar and Walt Disney Animation these days as they are making movies of same amazing quality now! - Phillip873

A movie that will let inspire you to try everything because anybody can be everything

It was weird

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2 Wreck-It Ralph

I actually had more hope for the second one after the trailer. This is because they actually made the internet look like an interesting place what with all the detailed CG designs. Some jokes in the trailer were pretty funny too. I'm not expecting it to be better than the first one though, because Wreck it Ralph is so good. - Phillip873

My first movie with gaming content

I think that usually, Disney sucks at making sequels, however, Wreck-It Ralph 2 actually looks pretty well-done, and even though some could argue it's just the same formula as The Emoji Movie and Inside Out, I think that they actually made the internet look interesting, unlike how Sony made The Emoji Movie exclusively for iPhones and dumb apps for money, or how Inside Out really just exists for aesthetics and has no purpose. - RaccoonCartoon

oh yea

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3 Toy Story 3

I love this movie. This is how sequels SHOULD be made, have the characters older and show the consequences of the last movie. - RaccoonCartoon

This movie and the second one proves that Disney does know how to make good sequels. This should be number one - MarioNinja101

One of my absolute favorites when I was young. - CloudInvasion

It was ok, at least it was really emotional, but the second one is still my favourite. - darthvadern

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4 Inside Out

I did relate to this movie at the time, because at the time, my parents bought a new house which I never even got to look at (and it turned out terrible) and the house I was in, I've been in since I was a toddler. I also got kicked out of school in the same year, so, there's that too. But that's the only good thing I can say about it, really. - RaccoonCartoon

My all-time favorite Pixar film and my favorite film in general. And I had to really think hard about that. I had to go over all the other movies I love such as Forrest Gump, Rocky, Pulp Fiction, etc. and Inside Out stands above everything else in terms of my favorite movies ever. In my opinion, it has the best screenplay from any animated movie in history. I just love it so much. - phillysports

Beautiful movie. If you lost faith in Pixar after Cars 2, then you should probably watch this one and Coco. Seriously Pixar is amazing at what they do. - Phillip873

This was amazing, and probably the best Pixar film next to the Incredibles and the Toy Story trilogy, and the best film of 2015 in my opinion.

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5 Big Hero 6

I love this movie, the cartoon series sucks though. - RaccoonCartoon

I like this movie a lot, my only huge complaint was that the side characters weren't very interesting, but we can count on Baymax and Hiro to make this movie interesting and fun. - Phillip873

When I first saw the movie I was so amazed that it easly beacame one of my favourite animated movies of all time (it still is). - darthvadern

Big Hero 6 is an amazing film with great action, great characters, and great heartfelt moments. Who doesn’t love Baymax? I feel like it’s impossible to hate him. This movie is basically a Marvel film as it is based on a Marvel comic. Even Stan Lee makes a cameo. I was so close to meeting Stan Lee last year at Comic-Con. At least I can say I got to see him in person. Twice even. At D23 and Comic-Con. It will be sad when we lose him. Big Hero 6 is not only a great action film, but it also has some pretty emotional moments. Like Hiro losing his brother and then losing Baymax. I predicted these things would happen, but the way the scenes are executed is what makes them impactful. Oh yeah, and Big Hero 6 is gonna be in Kingdom Hearts 3. Which they still haven’t announced a release date for. Hopefully they will announce it at E3. - MegaSoulhero

6 Coco

This movie really struck a chord with me. It's beautifully executed and I could totally count on Pixar to make me cry a little bit at fictional characters' loss. Instant masterpiece like a lot of movies on this list. - Phillip873

Brought tears to my eyes

I guess the Lopezes have a curse put on them that everyone hates their songs despite how amazing, touching, and beautiful they are. - phillysports


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7 Tangled

I've noticed how each Disney film in the Revival era gives me similar vibes in terms of its tone and mood to a movie that came out in the Renaissance. Frozen gives me Beauty and the Beast/Lion King vibes. Moana gives me a similar feeling that Aladdin does. And Tangled (I know a lot of you guys hate this movie) reminds me a lot of The Little Mermaid's tone. I just want to put that out there and see if you guys feel similar about how the more modern films compare to the films released in the 80s and 90s. By the way, I think Tangled is really good. Just to put it out there. - phillysports

Why is this movie called Tangled? Her hair doesn’t get tangled once during the movie. Tangled is the very first Disney princess film to be entirely CGI. Again, there’s a difference between CGI and 2D animation. I feel like that’s something I’m gonna keep complaining about. Best part about this film is Zachary Levi as Eugene. This is Levi’s first of three Disney movies. And his only good one. I enjoyed his character the most. So funny and gives the best lines. Mandy Moore I thought was just okay. I feel like she does a lot better in the series than she does here. Rapunzel is a very well written character though. Easily one of the best Disney princesses. - MegaSoulhero

8 Winnie the Pooh

Who doesn't love Winnie The Pooh? The 2011 remake isn't AS good as the 70's classic, but it's still funny and enjoyable nonetheless. - RaccoonCartoon

Winnie the Pooh rocks! - Drawbox

Oh hell no. Bit of a rant, but I would like to say I'm a big Winnie the Pooh fan, but this movie was TERRIBLE. If anyone else likes it fine, and I respect your thoughts but in my opinion, almost everyone except Christopher Robin and maybe Eeyore were out of character (they changed some of the personalities of them, exaggerated their character flaws, and there were scenes of them being nasty to each other when that isn't the case in the Pooh stories), the story was unoriginal (rip-off of Pooh's Grand Adventure), it doesn't seem to know whether it's a sequel or reboot (I say the latter as it was implied the previous films took place in America but Christopher has a British uniform and sounds younger), the animation I feel was only mediocre because it relied on cheap slapstick more fitting to Looney Tunes or Three Stooges that does not fit in here, and go against the spirit of the Disney films and Milne books (when Disney did gags back then they still managed to keep the spirit, didn't ...more

I have a feeling the Christopher Robin movie is gonna make more money in one weekend than this movie made in its entire theatrical run. That’s what they get for releasing it the same weekend as the Deathly Hallows part 2. Even though it didn’t make a lot of money, it’s still a cute movie. The characters are the same as they’ve always been. The voice acting very well done. I still enjoy Jim Cummings as Pooh. This isn’t the best Winnie the Pooh movie though. That would be the Tigger Movie. Underrated classic. By the way, this is the only 2D animated film on this list because it’s the only 2D animated Disney film to be released in the 2010s. In fact, it’s the last 2D animated film to ever be released by Disney. - MegaSoulhero

9 Monsters University

B.M.E best movie ever created

10 Frozen

I think Frozen is better than Tangled and Moana for two major reasons. The first is that while Frozen does fall back on a lot of common cliches, it manages to subvert a lot of them such as the "true love saves the day" and "I got married to someone I just met" tropes. While Tangled and Moana certainly do the same (Flynn wondering why everyone is singing all of a sudden and Maui saying "You wear a pretty dress. You have a cute animal sidekick. You're a princess"), they seem much more willing to follow a similar formula to movies in the past while Frozen seems much more willing to switch it up. The second reason is that the characters in Frozen all seem like more realistic people than the characters in Tangled and Moana. And don't get me wrong, I like Rapunzel, Flynn, Moana, and Maui as characters, but they seem to be playing sort of a similar role model character. Frozen's characters are much more weird and awkward and talk more how people in the real world talk The characters of ...more - phillysports

It's funny because I used to be one of those airheads who hated this movie because it was popular back 3 years ago. I don't think it's the most amazing movie (I'm not huge on princess movies like other people but still like them) but you cannot deny it has some beautiful animation and fun songs. The villain kind of sucked but honestly most Disney movies in this time period don't have amazing villains. - Phillip873

In my previous list, I ranted about how Anna and Hans are not a couple despite people claiming that they are. Anyone who thinks that they are a couple clearly didn’t watch the movie. Frozen is indeed a great movie that everyone loves to hate. It’s gotten so popular to the point where people call it the worst movie ever. Just like the newer Star Wars films. Frozen isn’t overly cliché. It does have tropes that can be found in other Disney movies, but it still manages to take risks. I also really like the songs. Jennifer Lee did a good job. She also worked on A Wrinkle in Time which has been getting negative reviews. I’m seeing it this Saturday. Hopefully I’ll like it. Frozen definitely is a great movie. It’s too bad Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is so terrible. - MegaSoulhero

The Contenders

11 Cars 3
12 Moana

This movie is very overrated and the fanbase is pretty bad (not AWFUL, but still fairly bad) but that's not stopping me from liking it. It has a unique setting and memorable characters. However, I wish Disney didn't milk it for merchandise like they did.. - RaccoonCartoon

I know the merchandise and overexposure can be annoying, but it's not the movie's fault that it became popular. I just hope people don't start bandwagon hating Moana like they did with Frozen just because it's popular. Both are great movies. - phillysports

It's a bit overhyped but I absolutely cannot say I didn't enjoy it. My mom loved it - Phillip873

I don't like it that much, it's a bit overrated, but I enjoyed it. - darthvadern

It's the best, I do not know why in world this movie is ranked number 12. it should be number 1. plus Zootopia is kinda stupid.

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13 Finding Dory

It's alright. Trust me, you're lucky if I even say that about a movie. I just feel like it's such a long movie, even though it's like 1/2 hours long.. It just feels so stretched out and bland at times. A lot of the scenes could have been shortened. - RaccoonCartoon

It wasn't as great as the original, but it was still a good movie. - TheFourthWorld

Vote Dory Vote Dory - marlinDory7

To be honest, this was WAY more interesting and fun than the original. The original wasn’t bad, but it was boring - MarioNinja101

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14 Cars 2

Underrated in my opinion...

Oh hell noooOOooOoo

The worst - MrCoolC

Just beaucuse a movie is different doesn't make it bad! I gotta say it was quite thrilling and I loved the villians for some reason (Acer and Grem). I didn't even find Mater annoying in the slightest. - darthvadern

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15 The Good Dinosaur

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G graphics, it looks like a real photo with an animated dinosaur at times. They worked so hard on all the scenery even if it only appears in a few frames. - RaccoonCartoon

16 Brave

People consider this to be one of Pixar's weaker films. I disagree with that, I was obsessed when it came out - 445956

I loved this movie, and I'm so glad it didn't end in some cliche romance scene. - RaccoonCartoon

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