Top 10 Best Pixel Gun 3D Maps


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21 Walking Fortresses
22 Slenderman Forest

Awesome for deathmatch! Love the setting 2!

They got rid of this map :-(

I love slender forest

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23 Scary Pizzeria
24 Inside the Code

Great map as you bounce up when you fall, and dodging shots is easy.

I cannon shoot people while I'm bouncing
I hate this. but I won here against 2 opponents who is higher level than me

25 Knife Party

If u have the best Melee weapon, I recommend you go here.

26 Train Depot

This sucks. So small

27 Pirates!

This is a small map

28 Bridge

Bridge is fun but they took out the map😿😿😿

29 Four Seasons

I'm just going to place this here for no reason

30 Mining Camp

This is a great map for Point Capture. Good for special weapons.

31 Dangerous Roads

They got rid of this map NOOO!

Wow they created this map to warn hackers and yet there is still so many of them.

Try Sniper weapons there good.

love the music and animations. XL map. I like the islands!


32 Walking Fortresses

Best map ever

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