Top Ten Best Pizza Hut Pizzas

The best pizzas from Pizza Hut. Add more items because these are all the pizzas I know!

The Top Ten

1 Cheese Pan Pizza

This is my favorite kind of pizza. Delicious melty cheese and yummy crust and nice sauce. - TopTenJackson

I think it is the father of cheese pizza which is start of great!

The regular is just fine and delicious


2 Garlic Special Pizza

Just came out a few weeks ago in April, it was good. - TopTenJackson

3 Pepperoni Pan Pizza

I'm not exactly sure if they sell this, but I'm a vegetarian and I know you guys like pepperoni! - TopTenJackson

4 Green Pepper Pan Pizza

Yummy! I like green peppers on pizza, especially this one! - TopTenJackson

5 Crazy Crust Pizza

I'm not sure if they are still selling it but it was pretty good. - TopTenJackson

6 Olive Pan Pizza

I like this kind of pizza! Not my favorite, but it's good! - TopTenJackson

7 Banana Peppers Pizza

I LOVE Banana peppers! Especially on pizza! - TopTenJackson

8 Jalapeno Pizza

Really hot which means it's good! - TopTenJackson

9 Ultimate Supreme
10 Pineapple Pizza

I don't really pineapple on my pizzas, but I know you do! - TopTenJackson

The Contenders

11 Green Olives Pizza

Same as black olives, it's good. - TopTenJackson

12 The Cookie Pizza
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