Top Ten Place Names in England that Would Make Great Band Names

Whilst waiting in the post office, a gentleman in front of me told the cashier he wanted a parcel delivered to one of these place names, which I thought would possibly make a great band name - so I looked for others...

The Top Ten

1 Cargo Fleet (Middlesbrough)
2 Westward Ho (Devon)

Is you be callin' our wimmens a buncha harlots? :).

3 Land Of Nod (Hampshire)
4 Lower Slaughter (Gloucestershire)

Home of Her Majesty's University of Urology and Proctology.

5 Steeple Bumstead (Essex)
6 Loggerheads (Shrewsbury)
7 Indian Queens (Cornwall)
8 Crackpot (N.Yorkshire)
9 Blue Anchor (Somerset)
10 Donkey Town (Surrey)

The Contenders

11 Amble (Northumberland)
12 Barking (Greater London)
13 Buckfastleigh (Devon)
14 Cockermouth (Cumbria)

Share my opinion on this item? My lips are sealed... (ahem). - Britgirl

15 Maidenhead (Berkshire)

None has ever entered the... city limits.

16 Nuneaton (Warwickshire)

"Nor sampled its...cuisine." Ha! Funny. - Britgirl

On second thoughts...the cuisine was actually sampled. The nun was eaten and thought to be quite fatty and gristly. - Britgirl

Nor sampled its... cuisine.

17 Oakengates (Shropshire)

A.K.A., Chastity Wall

18 Ramsgate (Kent)

And breaks his widget.

19 Sevenoaks (Kent)

Why Snow White loved the Seven Dwarves.

20 Shaftesbury (Dorset)

Where birds outnumber blokes, three to one, and Gatorade is £5 a jigger.

21 Knutsford (Cheshire)

Shallow-water crossing.

22 Leatherhead (Surrey)

Where the kinksters gather.

23 Leyburn (North Yorkshire)

WAY too dry.

24 Maryport (Cumbria)

Where Mary... shelters... visiting... steamers (with an occasional frigate).

25 Falls Of Cruachan
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