Top 10 Places that are Better Off Being Closed During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Here are some places that are recommended to be closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Those places will only cause more cases if they stay open.
The Top Ten
1 Amusement Parks

My local amusement park usually runs in late September, but now I have to wait for another year.

2 Casinos
3 Bars
4 Restaurants

I agree. Take-outs and deliveries are the only safe ways to go during the pandemic!

5 Movie Theatres
6 Arenas

I only went to one Australian football match (Fremantle vs Carlton) this year because of it. I usually watch 8 matches every year.

7 Community Centres
8 Schools

Ok so you're basically saying that a lot of notable places that people always go in public have to be closed. In other words, almost everything. Note that this has a major impact on:

General recreation
Certain workplaces
And most importantly jobs. Don't call me a conservative because I lean Libleft, but people need to strive to survive in these cases.

This is how Covid became so big in the world. Too bad the swedish government and average people here can't wrap their head around any facts

Schools are a haven for germs!

9 Shopping Malls
10 Strip Clubs
The Contenders
11 Dance Clubs
12 Swimming Pools
13 Playgrounds
14 News Studios
15 Churches
16 Water Parks
17 Toy Stores
18 Animation Studios
19 Convention Centers
20 Exhibition Centers
21 Theme Parks
22 Cruise Ships
23 Daycares
24 Boxing Gyms
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