Top 10 Places that are Better Off Being Closed During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Here are some places that are recommended to be closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Those places will only cause more cases if they stay open.
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1 Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are extremely unsafe to go due to a lot of people being there. It's full of kids and many don't obey because they'll take off their masks and not keep their distance. Similar to schools.

My local amusement park usually runs in late September, but now I have to wait for another year.

The Coronavirus acts like it's the best thing ever anything Coronavirus related sucks

Water parks are safe, COVID-19 doesn't contract in water

2 Schools

They should be closed because schools are one of the biggest causes of COVID-19 cases. Not only that, but people won't be able to enjoy being at school like usual. Most people don't even enjoy going to school by default, so that makes everything worse. You can't see your own friends and you have to stay 6 feet apart from everyone. Don't forget you have to wear face masks. Also, there's always disobedient people around who will not wear their mask nor keep their distance. Let's face it, you'd be better off staying at home and doing school work from home. It'll be easier for everyone. Don't give your children a bad experience at school. They don't deserve it. Please close the schools and make the cases get lower.

Ok so you're basically saying that a lot of notable places that people always go in public have to be closed. In other words, almost everything. Note that this has a major impact on:

General recreation
Certain workplaces
And most importantly jobs. Don't call me a conservative because I lean Libleft, but people need to strive to survive in these cases.

This is how Covid became so big in the world. Too bad the swedish government and average people here can't wrap their head around any facts

Schools are a haven for germs!

3 Bars

Bars are definitely not recommended to stay open whatsoever. There's always a lot of people there whether it's full capacity or not. A lot of customers there, in general. People there will drink alcohol. Then they'll get drunk and not keep their distance. More possible cases will occur. It's best to close them all.

4 Casinos

There's a lot of people who go to casinos. A lot of people will touch machines there. And it's not a great idea to go there. Not only that it's full of people there, you'll probably lose money if you're not lucky enough. You should save your money since prices are getting higher than before. Don't waste your money on some slot machine that gives you a very small amount of chance of winning a few pennies. Close them since a lot of people will go there and we don't want more COVID-19 cases.

5 Movie Theatres

Movie theatres aren't recommended to stay open due to people going there quite a lot. Many people go there to watch a movie that's not released in DVD yet. The effect may be slightly better than watching a movie at home. And don't forget the popcorn there. Is all of that worth you getting the virus? For real, you're better off buying a DVD of that movie you wanna see or watch it on Netflix or something. Also, what if you actually don't like the movie? You wasted your own money for a movie you don't like. You can't pause at movie theatres either. Also, if you want cinema-like popcorn so badly, go buy yourself a popcorn machine. Watching a movie at home is better overall.

6 Strip Clubs

Some strip club places have been already closed, but all of them should be closed. What's the point of watching strippers dance? It's basically a waste of time and money.

7 Restaurants

Restaurants should still remain open, but only for takeout and delivery. It shouldn't be open for eating inside, though. Eating inside would only cause a lot of people being there and it's not good. Even if it's half capacity, it's still not a good idea whatsoever. This goes the same for all fast food restaurants as well. Indoor eating isn't a good idea at all.

I agree. Take-outs and deliveries are the only safe ways to go during the pandemic!

8 Community Centres

A lot of people go there to do activities with others. Our main goal is to avoid having more COVID-19 cases. The more people around, the risk of having cases is higher. It's not a good idea to keep non-essential places that contain a lot people open.

9 Arenas

Arenas are full of people there. The more people there, the bigger chance of having more cases. Only keep arenas open for actual sport players. Like seriously, would you rather watch hockey from your TV and not get the virus or going to an arena for watching a hockey game and be at risk of getting COVID-19? You're better off keeping arenas closed.

I only went to one Australian football match (Fremantle vs Carlton) this year because of it. I usually watch 8 matches every year.

10 Shopping Malls
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11 Dance Clubs

It's quite similar to strip clubs and bars. Any place that are party related, they're better off being closed. A lot of people will not respect social distancing nor wearing a mask. Don't forget the fact there's a lot of people showing up there so chances of getting more COVID-19 cases are higher.

12 Churches
13 Swimming Pools
14 Water Parks
15 Playgrounds
16 Toy Stores
17 Animation Studios
18 Convention Centers
19 Exhibition Centers
20 Theme Parks
21 Cruise Ships
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