Top Ten Places In Australia

The Top Ten

1 Melbourne

I would put this at number 2. I mean, the sports capital of the world, the national fashion, shopping, dining, arts, performing arts, movie, music, garden and historical capitals! Yeah!

2 Gold Coast

YAY GO GOLD COAST! I live in Gold Coast it's great. There's loads if theme parks you just never get bored

There's more to Australia than just Sydney.

Amazing! The theme parks, the beaches, etc - micahisthebest

3 Hobart
4 Sydney

I was born here but when I was 4 we moved to New York

itz a nice place because cool and wonderful ;)

Great place to go in Australia I would recamend this to any that comes here for another country nice sites cool places to go to and admire

5 Adelaide

Adelaide is my favourite big city to visit in Australia.

6 Fremantle
7 South Coast
8 Noosa

I love noosa and think its a georgous place and I would highly recamend it, has got great beaches and really nice views plus a lot of nice cafes.

9 Tasmania
10 Darling Harbour

The Contenders

11 Darwin
12 Kiama
13 Canberra Canberra
14 Blue Mountains
15 Western Australia
16 Alice Springs
17 Northern Beaches

Oh yes. Lived in Dee Why for a while. How cazn you beat that place. - jacksdaddy

18 Phillip Island
19 Bundaberg
20 Brisbane
21 Robertson
22 Lightning Ridge

I grew up hear, it is the home of the black opal, the only place in the world that you will find this beautiful gem stone, it is in North Western N.S. W as city slikers say its in the (OutBack). Great place and I would highly recommend going to the artesian bore baths, very good for relacing and good on sore bones... Highly recommend visiting

23 Geelong
24 Perth
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