Top Ten Best Places to Crash Your Car

There is a list "Worst Places to Crash your Car". Now there is the best places to crash your car!

The Top Ten

1 Hospital

You'll probably end up with help right away! - Neonco31

2 A wormhole

How do you even do that? It's awesome though. - Cyri

At least you'll be able to travel through space and time. - Neonco31

3 Into the dealership where you bought it

Me- "I'd like to return my car"
Dealer- "what's the problem? "
Me- "Oh I just smashed it into the dealership so it's pretty much destroyed now, but since I'm here I might as well return it."

4 Bowling alley

I'll get a strike! - Neonco31

5 The cloudominium

No! I'm not crashing into Rainbow Dash's house! - Neonco31

6 An explosives depot

Mind a cool explosion scene? - Neonco31

7 Barbie house
8 Into school
9 Into Donald Trump

Then dab after!

10 Into your least favorite singer's concert

Not JB this time but Nicki Minaj! - Neonco31

The Contenders

11 Amusement park
12 Into Walmart
13 A cotton candy cloud

Yum yum!

14 Into McDonald's
15 Into a hacker's bedroom
16 Into a wood fence
17 A hilltop
18 Into an airport
19 Into a arch
20 Into a bounce house
21 Into SkyDoesMinecraft
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