Top Ten Best Places to Drink Tea In Flagstaff

Tea can be a wonderful health benefit. From boosting your endurance, reducing the risk of heart attack, and helping to fight cancer-causing free radical cells, Tea is one of the most versatile products you can consume.

When visiting Flagstaff, Arizona, since there are so many things to do, you may find yourself needing some refreshment. It could be to refuel or to relax but either way, you'll have your choice of teas and venues to enjoy them in.

Below are the best paces to buy and drink tea in Flagstaff.

The Top Ten

1 Steep Leaf Lounge

This place has great tea both to buy by the bag as well as to drink in house. They are knowledgeable about their selection and are always friendly. Great custom tea blends as well.

Best Teahouse in Arizona

2 Rendezvous

While they are better known for their coffees and cocktails, this place has great teas and will keep you coming back.

3 Late for the Train

They have a couple locations in the Flagstaff area and they pride themselves on their local selection.

4 Bookman's Entertainment Exchange

A coffee/tea shop tucked away in the corner of a used book store, this place is great. Dogs are allowed though not in the cafe.

5 Macy's European Coffee House

Good food, great coffee, awesome tea selection. This place has it all.

6 Firecreek

A newer location in downtown Flagstaff, nice open spaces give you the feeling that you can have some elbow room in this coffee/tea shop.

7 Kickstand Cafe

Stop by this place on your way to or from skiing. Convenient drive-thru.

8 Cultured

Coffee, frozen yogurt, tea. What else do you need?

9 It's About Coffee

Out of the way but worth the stop.

10 Higher Grounds Coffee House

A very small shop but nevertheless a good one. Keep it local by stopping in this place.

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