Top 10 Places to Dump Jackie Evancho's Overly Obsessed Fanbase

I myself think she's a great singer with a lovely voice and I'm a fan of her. What I hate are her overly obsessed fans who keep saying she's the greatest singer of all time just because of her age. Seriously she's good but not that good. This might change in the future, but for now (2016) it's very annoying.

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1 The ruins of reactor number 4 in chernobyl, Ukraine

Please Make This Happen

What's Chernobyl?

No good, the might escape.

Why not?

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2 An active volcano

Lord Of The Rings will be repeated.

What the heck is wrong with you?
Evan you like Jackie and now your making a list about where to dump her fans? Your sick and heartless.

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3 Death valley, California V 2 Comments
4 Syria

At least you can make some use of them

5 Hell

And They'll finally meat their master aka SATAN

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6 The sun V 2 Comments
7 Afghanistan V 1 Comment
8 Pluto

Use A Hydro/Uranium (yes I made that up) powered rocket.

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9 A Slipknot Concert V 1 Comment
10 North Korea

You can't even go near North are you going to dump millions of people there?

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The Contenders

11 San pedro sula, Honduras

Has The 2nd Highest Death Rate In The World

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12 The trash
13 The trash can
14 Jackie Evancho's pants
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1. The ruins of reactor number 4 in chernobyl, Ukraine
2. An active volcano
3. Death valley, California



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