Top Ten Best Places to Eat at Inside of Disneyland

The Top Ten Best Places to Eat at Inside of Disneyland

1 Cafe Orleans

This is the absolute best place to eat inside of Disneyland. Especially for the price. The French Onion soup is the best I have ever had, I won't eat it anywhere else now that I've had it here, and the pomme frites, oh! Oh, and the Monte Cristo Sandwich! Everything at this restaurant is great. Located in New Orleans Square. Sit down place with table service. Can't be beat!

2 Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe

Quick service, but fantastic! Amazing sandwiches, and cinnamon rolls! Good soup, and coffee, too! Located on Main Street, at the very end before the Tikki Room.

3 Corndog Stand

Located at the end of Main Street, all they serve is Corndogs, but they are a do not miss item!

4 The Golden Horseshoe

Really simple, but great. Chicken fingers and fries there are my favorite.

5 Hungry Bear Restaurant

Great restaurant, AMAZING food. Love watching the Mark Twain Riverboat ride by as I'm eating.

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Quick service, with really yummy sandwiches and stuff. Love it! Located by Splash Mountain.

6 Carnation Cafe

Character dining breakfast.. A must do with little kids!

7 Bengal Barbeque
8 Redd Rockett's Pizza Port

I honestly was here just to use the restrooms LOL

If you're in the mood for pizza, it's good. The salads aren't bad either.

9 Blue Bayou Restaurant

Excellent food, fantastic atmosphere, being inside of Pirates of the Caribbean, of course, but Very Pricey. Really should try it once, if you can, but really, most of the food you can get at Cafe Orleans for half the price.

10 Royal Street Veranda

Two words. Bread Bowl.

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11 Goofy's Kitchen

Great restaurant, the kids loved interacting with all of the characters. Buffet style.

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12 Disney's PCH Grill
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