Best Places to Go to on a Field Trip


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1 Amusement Park

Yes! Except that my recent field trip sucked. Just today, my bus ride to Enchanted Kingdom lasted an atrocious 6 HOURS from 5 to 11 AM! - Neonco31

Canada's Wonderland is the best Amusement Park choice if you're in Ontario, Canada. - TrueWolf99

Playland is a good choice, of you're in Canada.

I would rather go to Dorney or Six Flags than the zoo or fire station

2 Concert to see your favorite band

If we go to a Metallica concert through a field trip, that would be a dream come TRUE! I don't care how inappropriate (Christian) schools think they are (they make songs involving a lot of violence, not sex; no Metallica song is about sex). - PhoenixAura81

But then everyone who doesn't get to see their favorite band is going to be upset - Songsta41

If only Rage Against The Machine would reunite.-DarkBoi-X

NWA! oh wait... - B0S5J4M3S

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3 Restaurant

This is the best one to me 🙃

4 Movie theater to see your favorite movie
5 Zoo
6 Aquarium
7 Museum

A few months ago the entire 7th grade went on this really cool field trip to Massachusetts, it was so great and fun! - Catacorn

The California Science Center was AWESOME! :). (I went with my sister and cousin as a vacation and not a school trip because we are from Philadelphia and we don’t go to the LA Unified School District)

8 Bowling
9 Trampoline park
10 Mini golf course

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11 A farm
12 Playdium
13 Mall

My high school special ed teacher actually took the class to the former Granite Run Mall where I found a coin operated horse. It was one of the very few good things that she ever did to us.

RIP Granite Run Mall 1974-2015

14 The Beach

At my sister's old elementary school, the 5th graders got to go to Wildwood NJ.

15 Dollarama
16 Camp Muskoka
17 Swimming/Pool
18 New York City New York City The City of New York, often called New York City or simply New York, is the most populous city in the United States.

In high school I joined chorus for a year. I loved it. The class goes to NYC to see a Broadway trip every year since it's only 2 hrs away. We all got permission slips. I really wanted to go because I haven't been in YEARS (since the 90s). When I asked my parents they both said no because it was like $90 and we had to be at school at like 6:30 AM and we return at like 10 PM and my parents being the typical overprotective parents don't want me to stay out without them that late and they don't want to wake up so early and they thought the $90 is too expensive despite the fact that the class fundraises for the trip. I kept begging for the next 2-3 years and I finally got to visit Broadway in NYC in 2015 (and no, we didn't see a play because tickets were too expensive.

Also my high school has a class called "American Studies" and they go to NYC every year to see places like Times Square, NBC studios, Rockefeller Center, 5th Ave, Radio City, and Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I ...more

That will never happen - B0S5J4M3S

19 Broadway

My high school chorus class went every year

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1. Amusement Park
2. Concert to see your favorite band
3. Movie theater to see your favorite movie
1. Concert to see your favorite band
2. Restaurant
3. Aquarium
1. Amusement Park
2. Trampoline park
3. Bowling

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