Best Places to Go to on a Field Trip

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1 Amusement Park

If I took a field trip to an amusement park, I would rather go to Great America than a crappy kiddie park with outdated rides. - JoeBoi

Only if you live in New Jersey though. - JoeBoi

My high school went here for Physics Day.

@JoeBoi-my high school was in Eastern Pennsylvania.

2 Concert

I would like have like to have seen a Queen concert. But Freddie got aids. RIP Freddie Mercury. - iliekpiez

If we go to a Metallica concert through a field trip, that would be a dream come TRUE! I don't care how inappropriate (Christian) schools think they are (they make songs involving a lot of violence, not sex; no Metallica song is about sex). - PhoenixAura81

If only Rage Against The Machine would reunite.-DarkBoi-X

But then everyone who doesn't get to see their favorite band is going to be upset - Songsta41

3 Restaurant

Depends which one - iliekpiez

This is the best one to me 🙃

4 Movie Theater

I would probably me the one in my class to love my favourite movie most - iliekpiez

5 Zoo

My high school special ed class went to the zoo once. I opted out of it since it was boring and I had other classes to attend to which were better.

I wish one of the monkeys there flung poop at the teacher. That would have been HILARIOUS, especially since she is always me in trouble for nothing.

I would like to see a rhino chasing a person in my class who I hate - iliekpiez

6 Aquarium
7 Museum

Depends which type - iliekpiez

The California Science Center was AWESOME! :). (I went with my sister and cousin as a vacation and not a school trip because we are from Philadelphia and we don’t go to the LA Unified School District)

8 Bowling

Bowling is boring - iliekpiez

9 Trampoline Park

Trampolining sucks - iliekpiez

10 Mini Golf Course

Golf is tedious - iliekpiez

The Contenders

11 Farm
12 Arcade

Only kindergarteners go there

13 Mall

My high school special ed teacher actually took the class to the former Granite Run Mall where I found a coin operated horse. It was one of the very few good things that she ever did to us.

RIP Granite Run Mall 1974-2015

14 Retail Store

Only if you get to buy stuff while you're there

15 Camp Muskoka

At my middle school the 7th grade goes to Camp Speers Eljibar

16 The Beach

At my sister's old elementary school, the 5th graders got to go to Wildwood NJ.

17 Swimming/Pool
18 Performance Theatre

My high school chorus class went every year

19 Abandoned Place
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