Top Ten Things to Do If You Could Travel Through Time

The Top Ten Things to Do If You Could Travel Through Time

1 Prevent Here Comes Honey Boo Boo from Being Made
2 Stop 9/11

You could then go and stop the planes from crashing, and make sure nobody is killed, and have the twin towers stay there forever!

You could reveal that the planes weren't real! - NintendoROCK3T

I would time travel that day, and before the planes hit, tell everyone in the WTC and everyone in the plane to jump off (to give them parachutes), so nobody is hurt. - TeamRocket747

3 Prevent World War II

Hungary remains huge and communist Soviets never occupy us... would be perfect.

If we did that, imagine how history would be... - TeamRocket747

We could then stop the whole war.

4 Find Out Winning Lotto Numbers
5 Prevent Barack Obama from Becoming President

This should’ve been “prevent Trump from becoming president”

6 See the Roswell Ufo Incident

We could go back in time, and figure out what the strange creature was. By the way, this took place in Roswell, New Mexico.

7 See the Very First Wrestlemania

I would see GLOW at the Riviera Las Vegas live

8 Stop Yourself from Eating All the Candy

I would say "Hey Jackson! Don't eat the candy! " Or else I would tell mom.

9 Become a Star Trek Character
10 Stop Whoever Created School

Haha this one made me laugh. - ParasN2000

The Byzantine Empire 395-1453 had an established schooling system.

LOL! in school right now!

The Newcomers

? Kill Stalin

The Contenders

11 Go Back in Time So You Won't Be Late for Work
12 Prevent George Lucas from Making the Star Wars Prequels
13 Stop McDonalds from Being Created

We could tell the founder that if he creates McDonalds, then everyone would hate it in the present.

14 Prevent the Movie Frozen from Being Made

The we don't have to deal with "Let it Go"


15 Save the Dodo

I would have one as a pet!

16 Kill the Person Who Created Algebra

Algebra is completely useless is real life. WHY DO WE NEED TO LEARN IT? - SammySpore

Seriously... its useless in real life

17 Make the Summer of 2016 More Epic

I was homebound nearly 90% of that summer. SO BORING! I HATED IT! >:(

18 Ride All the Coin Operated Horses in the World

Stores and arcades used to have a whole bunch of them in the 50s-90s. They are now nearly impossible to find except for very few arcades and malls

19 Buy All the Disney's Hercules Merchandise When They First Came Out
20 Save John Fitzgerald Kennedy from Being Assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald
21 Kill Hitler
22 Meet Yourself from 5 Years Ago and Erase Space & Time
23 Travel Into the Future and Get the Technology to Become Batman

So Batmaniscole could actually be batman... - DapperPickle

24 Invent the Time Machine
25 Travel Back Into Time to Build Your Own Empire, Which Will Rule Today
26 Travel Back and Give Yourself a Time Machine
27 Write Harry Potter

And become ridiculously rich!

28 See What You Look Like in the Future


I wish

29 Keep Sanjay and Craig from Being Made
30 Kill the First Isis Member
31 Stop George Lucas from Making the Special Editions

I wish the theatrical cuts were the only ones that existed.

32 Stop Person Who Invented Baby Talk

I nearly attempted to bang my head against the wall many times because of this. Baby talk drives me to near insanity!

33 Get Photos of Attractions You Forgot to Take Pictures of During Past Vacations

I would've shortened my lists for future trips if I remembered to get pics.

34 See All the Casino Implosions in Vegas Live
35 Attend the Grand Openings of Vegas Casinos

I would be the VIP from the future!

36 Go Forward in Time and Ride the High Speed Train from Los Angeles to Vegas and Back

No more wasting 4 hours sleeping in the back of my aunt's car!

37 Prevent Your Own Death

I don't wanna die!

38 See Everything You Did as a Toddler

I would LOVE to see my own baths, diaper changes, etc!

39 Prevent the Las Vegas Shooting
40 Visit All the Amusement Parks

CEC still exists but back then they had more coin operated rides and I can find at least 1 horse to ride at every location...

41 Meet Your Past Self
42 Correct All Your Mistakes

Oh, I wish I could do this. There are some things that I HATE having to live with more than anyone can even imagine. It would make me so happy if I could go back in time and change that.

43 Watch the Filming of Cool Movies
44 Prevent Your Relatives' Deaths
45 Attend All Casino Implosions
46 See How Pyramids Were Built
47 Meet Your Favorite Celebrities

I've already met my childhood idol, and I'm still thankful for that. - ParasN2000

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