Top Ten Places to Go In a Zombie Apocalypse

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1 Farm

You'll also remember that the Waking Dead farm was overrun, and the survivors barely escaped with their lives.

As also seen in the walking dead!

2 Prison

A prison is generally the best place to barricade yourself in if this should happen, you've got watchtowers, barbed wire fences, a cafeteria, an armory, a backup generator, an infirmary, etc. Its almost perfect, all you need to worry about is the prisoners that were left behind (the guards certainly weren't going to let them go, they were locked up for a reason)

Okay, time for a list of why not:

Decent amounts of food.
Weapons (Batons, guns, etc.).
Good protection (Barbed wire fences and watch towers).
Isolation from populated areas.

I see some walking dead fans have entered this site...

As seen in the walking dead!

3 Army Surplus Store

A couple of words... Boom boom, kill, pow, yet no food. This place would only be useful if you already had a surplus in food.

4 Carnival

Food, rides, and tall places to shoot from!

What if you get stuck

5 Mall

Lock up and don't let anyone in!

6 Movie Theater
7 Military Base

Chances are good that if you thought to go here, so did hundreds of refugees infected or not, these places will have fallen first, as well as hospitals, for the same reason

A lot of weapons

8 Mountains

Himalayas not recommended, too sparsely populated by animals, the Alps are much better suited for this, many remote ski resorts, lots of game, some villages, the only downside is raiders may find your base

9 Cemetery
10 Island
The Contenders
11 Hospital

Are you kidding me

12 School

It depends. Either the zombie kid horde already left, or they were waiting there the whole time for you. A z-apocalypse probably won't happen, but if it did, I'd not go to a school. Chances are, one kid somehow gets infected. Then, they eat the flesh/brains out of another kid, and...
You know, there'd be a bunch of zombie kids.

Good for food

13 Forest

It depends on how good you are at braving the wilderness. If your residential area's local horde doesn't get you, the other predators will.

14 Space Station

In a space station, if you have the chance of being an astronaut at the time of the apocalypse, than you would have a chance of surviving many months, but in the end it is just like what I said for the hospital, the police station and the building top. In the end you are going to have to go back down in order to survive or die like in most zombie surviving situations.


Screw you guys! I'm goin' to space!

15 Beach
16 Police Station

A police station is good cause of the guns and ammo but not for a long time stay, just for tools.
And don't try to shot a zombie when you first get the guns unless you have to, cause it will probably attracte a lot of attention.

17 Church
18 Armored Vehicle
19 Restaurant
20 Airport
21 Sporting Good Store
22 Boat

Zombies can't swim,
And even if they could, your boat is faster than any swimming human/zombie.
It could bring you to a island, far away from zombies.

23 Light House
24 Hot Air Balloon

Fly away and it uses less fuel than a helicopter.

25 Top of a Building

It is a good idea. But also one of the worst one, because on the top of a building you will be trapped when the undead find so you must block up the doors and windows and get as much food and weapons as possible. But even then the is a chance that they get to you, so you could go as far as nocking down the stairs and living on the top floors.
But even then your food stock will go down and you will start to starve and your only chance will be to go from building top to building top and that is if the are any close by. Just hope the other building are safe.

In other words, if you hide on a building top or in the top floors then your doomed!

You can plant and bring heavy rocks to through at the zombies. Go down and bring more supplies up to the top.

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