Best Places to Hike

Are you a adventurous, outdoorsy, determined hiker with experience or just an newcoming hiker who's looking forward to some of the greatest hikes? Look no further on this list. Here are some of the best hiking places that have some of the best lifelong experiences.

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1 Laugavegur

It's a very popular trail in Iceland. Landscapes, mountains, rivers are all worth to enjoy. Not only Laugavegur has the nicest mountains around; volcanoes and the most of all, lava fields make it a flawless spectacular experience. Keep in mind that the weather changes drastically, so you'll need proper equipment. The weather makes it a moderately challenging hike, but again, extraordinary experience, which makes it personally my #1. - illusion

2 Grand Canyon Trails

Grand Canyon is one of the most popular national parks on earth. Grand Canyon has numerous hiking trails, depending on difficulty on what trail you hike on. The view of the Grand Canyon will simply stun you in astonishment in the actual experience. - illusion

Always wanted to hike on a Grand Canyon Trail! I love hiking, especially when overseas and, from what I’ve heard, The Grand Canyon is beautiful and hiking in it is even better! - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

3 Everest Base Camp

This is one of the nicest treks but it's frequently crowded with people. It is difficult to hike on due to the sickness on high altitudes but regardless of that, the views are very scenic. In the end, it's an immensely decent experience for experienced and the fittest of hikers. - illusion

4 Tour du Mont Blanc

If you have a loving passion on mountains, then this hike is a must; trekking here is long as a week, but the scenery and atmosphere are both most breathtaking, and astonishing to enjoy in a lifelong experience. - illusion

5 Pacific Crest Trail

A very long hike trail that exceeds over 2,000+ miles, or 4,000+ kilometres long, and you'll most likely not to hike halfway throughout the trail. You'll need a lot of food, water and other basic needs; however, those needs will deplete overtime as you hike further on the trail, and you'll have to think of another method in order to resupply your needs. If you're a long time experienced, and determined hiker, it is very likely you'll enjoy every piece of scenery and wide aspects of landscape whilst hiking on this trail. - illusion

6 Kilimanjaro

A popular attraction for hiking, and climbing. It's quite of a long hike, and it's worth the risk. A guided tour is vital in order to have a memorable hiking experience. Views and scenery are outstanding. Not to mention, it's the tallest mountain in Africa. - illusion

7 Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is a long hiking trail and has some of the most tranquil environments to hike, the atmosphere is definitely calming. If you are a prepared hiker who has experience want to get in touch in nature deep in depth, this is for you. - illusion

8 Kjerag

Located in Norway, Rogaland. Mildly difficult to hike on as it gets tiring overtime, but once you get to the top peak, it's a breathtaking view. The large rock between the crevasse is a risky place to stand on, but lifetime experience. - illusion

9 West Coast Trail

Located in Canada, British Columbia. If you want to experience wildlife, the West Coast Trail is definitely a recommendation. During your experience in this hike, you will spot whales, and seals; probably other wildlife. You would have to be very well prepared and have suitable equipment to efficiently enjoy this hike. The trail is although, difficult to hike, plethora of ladders yet to be climbed that may tire you down; regardless, the experience and scenery is flawless. - illusion

10 Torres Del Paine

This place has some of the widest varieties of mountains, wildlife, landscape and other aspects of nature. Hiking on this place is definitely worth the recommendation. - illusion

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11 Na Pali Coast
12 Mount Fuji (Japan) Mount Fuji (Japan)
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