Top Ten Places In London With the Best Names


The Top Ten

1 Wapping

I love saying this. - Britgirl

2 Barking

You have to be Barking to live here

3 Elephant & Castle

I always thought this was quite peculiar. Imagine saying "I live in Elephant and Castle! " - PositronWildhawk

Sounds more like a name of a pub.

It actually was originally, and now the whole place is named after it. - Rocko

4 Tooting

This is so sweet. You say it...Too-ting. Lovely. - Britgirl

5 Chelsea

We love living rich housing and goods shopping kings road

6 Knigtsbridge

Oh my God. You just couldn't help yourself, could you, PositronWildhawk? - Britgirl

Knightsbridge. What a cool sounding name! Anyone notice Knightbridge Station to Buckingham Palace takes an "L"-Shaped route? Like chess!
Glad to know the knight's protecting the queen. - PositronWildhawk

7 Barnet

This just sounds cheeky to me. Cute and cheeky. - Britgirl

8 Finchley
9 Ealing

I live in ealing...good place but you shouldn't go to the places that you ain't me not gonna end up well for outsiders...

10 Cockfosters

The Contenders

11 Kentish Town
12 Shepherds Bush

The best place to live! Convenience is what sums this place up. You're never far from anything and has some nice leafy parks within the borough! Used to go jogging up to Kensington and Notting hill on a nice summers day. Perfect for shopping, food and seeing the different cultures there. What's not to love about she bu!

13 Park Lane
14 Hackney

*groan* that was SO bad and yet so very amusing... - Britgirl

Rather you didn't Hackney. It hurts a lot. - PositronWildhawk

15 Harrow on the Hill
16 Ruislip

I live in Ruislip and it's awesome

17 Theydon Bois
18 Woolwich Arsenal

Too sick bear live bear drug culture rasa

19 Wandsworth
20 Chiswick
21 Southwark
22 Bank

Very rich people biggest bank city London

23 Muswell Hill
24 Abbey Road
25 Clapham
26 Montana Road

So sassy and amusing

27 Edgware
28 Epping
29 Seven Sisters
30 Chalk Farm
31 Burnt Oak
32 Streatham
33 Bexley
34 Mornington Crescent
35 Credenhills
36 Camden Town
37 Earl's Court

Good area Earls Court

38 Boss Street
39 Northolt
40 Balls Pond

Just north of Bethnal Green station.
(Admit it, you giggled.) - Rocko

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