Best Places to Nap

Napping is wonderful if you need a rest. If we are going to have a nap, we always think where we are going to do it..

The Top Ten

1 Bed

A bed is going to be the most popular, as it's the most comfortable. - uncleteapot

2 Sofa

A sofa is still quite comfy, especially if you have a corner sofa. (It kinda depends what size your sofa is). - uncleteapot

3 Hammock

This would be the best on a sunny day. Its quite popular in foreign countries. - uncleteapot

4 A Chair

If you have a chair, try it. (A wooden chair is not very comfy) - uncleteapot

5 A Tent

Inside or outside tent, is comfortable. As long as to have enough room and your warm enough, you will easily sleep. - uncleteapot

6 A Tree House

This is a brilliant place to sleep, up high, in a tree. - uncleteapot

7 A Beach

This might be quite hard to do. It has to be sunny and not windy an. D its most comfortable on a towel - uncleteapot

8 A Fort

You can make a blanket fort in your house and nap in it. Don't worry if you think its childish. - uncleteapot

9 Garage

Really not that good. (way to cold for me). - uncleteapot

10 The Floor

This is the worst (i think) its not very comfortable and it gives you pains when you wake up. - uncleteapot

The Contenders

11 School

I wish! :(

12 Tub
13 In Your Car
14 On a Pillow
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