Top Ten Places People Want to Be

Places that people are most desired to be and/or most comfortable to be.

The Top Ten

1 Home

What can I say? I love staying home with a good book! - keycha1n

I love this place. - Therandom

"There's no place like home."
-Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz
As in your house, not your entire hometown... - TheMainReason

2 The Mall

There is everything in this place that EVERYONE loves. - TheMainReason

3 Heaven

My life is useless #SevereDeppresion

Especially when you feel like there is nothing else going for you in life. :'( - TheMainReason

The best place is heaven

4 The Beach

Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach, all you can name. There's no place like the hot, humid, sunny wet beach. - TheMainReason

This should be number 2. - Therandom

5 A Concert

All your favorites from Jay-Z to Metallica. Concerts are the bomb. - TheMainReason

6 On a Television Set

Everybody wants to be on T.V. , right? - TheMainReason

7 In Water

In the pool, in the ocean, in a lake, in a river, it's just so exhilerating and exciting. I might have spelled that wrong. - TheMainReason

8 On the Earth

Glad to be alive and not six feet underground. ( I mean dead ) - TheMainReason

This is a best place

9 Disney World
10 School

The Contenders

11 In an Amusement Park
12 In the Bathroom

You can do anything in the bathroom, I mean ANYTHING... - TheMainReason

13 Church
14 Space

''Space is a amazing place with zero gravity and so many things to discover.''

15 Local Pub or Bar

Meet your local friends and exchange gossip.

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