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1 Your Bedroom

Yup, I always locked up in my bedroom to play video game, sometimes I didn't even get out for 2 days (LOL) I always be in there and always be... - EmilyEgberts

Lock your bedroom, and play video games until you get bored. - Catacorn

Is there a place better than this? - paasadani


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2 Your Living Room

I always play here - Rhapsody

I always place in my living room. It's a great way to spent time with your family and also enjoy doing what you like.

3 A Friend's Place

I play in my friends' place often - Animefan12

4 A Gamer Convention
5 Your Bathroom

Is this a joke? - Delgia2k

@Delgia2k The internet is serious business.

6 Video Game Tournaments

Hence how it is a TOURNAMENT for VIDEO GAMES. - Minecraftcrazy530

The best ever, great challenge and so suspence thing, I try this and and Reached the finall, this is awesome, who can challenge me - belarbi

7 In A Hotel Room

Unless you have a laptop or mobile device or table

8 Next to a Famous Gamer

A famous gamer, they don't deserve to be famous - gemcloben

9 In Your Office
10 Outside at Night

The Contenders

11 Your Basement
12 On the Roof
13 In the Tub

Umm, wouldn't it get wet? - Catacorn

14 In School

I Once Did This And I Got Detention. - 12cc

Whoever hasn't done this hasn't lived

15 In the Kitchen
16 In the Garden
17 In the Library

Espesially if it is loud. - RalphBob

18 On an Airplane
19 A Campsite
20 In a Theater

Because you have a big screen and loud music

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1. Your Bedroom
2. A Gamer Convention
3. Video Game Tournaments
1. Your Bedroom
2. A Friend's Place
3. A Gamer Convention
1. Your Living Room
2. Your Bathroom
3. In A Hotel Room


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