Top Ten Best Places to Poop

When you think about it, there are so many places to poop!

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1 In a toilet

Really? Out of all the stupid items on this list, this isn't number 1? Then again, the title of this list sounds retarded. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I voted for this because of all you weirdos who didn't.

Seriously?!? I Just Want To Know How This Isn't Number One On This List.


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2 On a picture of a band you hate

More specifically One Direction.

Wow, the person who made this list must of had a brain storm? - nintendofan126

And what even is the purpose of this list? - cosmo

I would do this on a picture of either One Direction,Blood On The Dance Floor,Brokencyde,Gorgoroth,Darkthrone or Limp Bizkit.-TheCoolGuy1

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3 On Justin Bieber

Lol Justin Bieber! That's gross, but I hate Justin Bieber.

Honestly another Justin Bieber joke?

That would be sick

Stop with the joke! It's old and annoying.

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4 Beside a Drachma

In case you don't know, a Drachma is the currency of the ancient Greeks. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Huh thanks bluevanilla... This would greatly insult the Olympian gods.

5 On a picture of a politician you hate

That would be a pic of Donald Trump for me. I hate him. - Pegasister12

Yep. I also feel the same. I once saw him in dreams, and he ruined the dreams. - PhilTheCorgi

Let me find a picture of Obama... - SamuiNeko

Blue vanilla what the hell Obama's good


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6 Southwest of a copy of Super Mario Galaxy

Great way to troll your annoying siblings if you move the game, because they'll have to move too to stay Southwest of it. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

7 On the ISIS flag

I don't wanna make the Isis people sad am not commenting

8 Underneath the Statue of Liberty

No one would put that in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Blue vanilla can u make a pee list too?

Guinness Book of World Records: Longest turd underneath a national monument - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Was this list nessecary? - Therandom

9 On the Toilet

ON the toilet? Haha yeah public thing then u squash it and spread it all over the seat and do it on every seat!

This is already on the list.

Haha it's the best prank to poop on the toilet seat in a public bathroom

10 On The Map from Dora the Explorer

Go ahead.

Wow just wow...

LOL - superbuggati

Poop on Dora, Boots,Map,Click,Backpack,Baby Jaguar, Benny,Bobo Brothers, Rescue pack, Isa, Tico,Linda the Llama,Swiper, The Grumpy old troll, Big Red chicken,and other characters from Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go!

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11 On a MacBook Air

It has to have some use when it doesn't work! - BlueTopazIceVanilla



That’s disrespectful for Apple and me...I will hunt whoever made this list down!

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12 On a picture of Justin Bieber

If someone poops in Justin Bieber's face, then that would be gross, but hilarious!

I think this has to be #1.

This is basically here twice - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

Toilet paper with JB's face printed on would be sweet! - Britgirl

13 A The New York Times magazine made in 1999


I pooped on a newspaper when I was 2 years old. I was with my aunt and she was changing me and then she realized that she ran out of diapers (Pampers size 5). I pooped there until my aunt was able to go out and buy more diapers :D

14 On The Breadwinners Complete 1st Season DVD
15 Oprah Winfrey's car

A wonderful party story.

"Wanna hear about the time I took a s*** in Oprah's car? Maan." -_- - keycha1n

16 Into a warp pipe

Mario is a plumber, he'd know how to deal with mountains of delicious poo

What if Mario is in there? You don't want to poop on him! Then again, Mario could get a poop powerup… - BlueTopazIceVanilla

17 In an KFC plastic bag

Hey blue vanilla can u make a piss one? And when I was in kfc I LITERALLY saw someone pooping in it._.

You can smell delicious smells while you poop. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

This is were ghetto people poop in - SirSkeletorThe3rd

18 On the roof of a WalMart

Seems like a pretty normal place to poop

This seems valid. A wonderful spot - mourningdew

19 On the U.S. flag

Who poops on flags?

WHO IN THE RIGHT MIND WOULD POOP ON A COUNTRY FLAG?!? You people must hate the United States.

Yeah, and after that I'll crash a plane into the new World Trade Center! Duhhh... I hate America!

If you disrespect te US flag you're supposed to burn it, right? But after I pooped on the flag I had to set it on fire and it smelled like death.

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20 On yourself

I pooped myself when I was 2 years old. I was wearing Pampers diapers at the time.


21 On Obama's face

How dare!? Obama was a great president unlike trump. Trump is an ass and deserves to be pooped on. Obama actually cares! Trump only cares about (I think) money, women, and golf!

This is just gross, even for doing it to Trump it sound disgusting, and I can get gross at times so this wins the gross award.

I would rather eject my poop, pee and saliva on Donald trumps face

He is an IDIOT.

22 On your neighbor's lawn

REVENGE! Take that for "borrowing" the lawn mover and not returning it! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I always give this to my neighbor as a birthday present. It's good fertilizer.

Neighbor: No. Don't even think about it. NOO!

Seriously, who does that?!

This is only good if:

1) you are a dog
2) your neighbor is constantly mean to you, or
3) you are a kid that's running around outside naked

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23 In the bin

It was definitely Tony

Definitely tony

I know who did it

It was Tony

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24 On top of a baked potato

Yeah, I hate potatoes because they make me feel ill... but not crisps and certain chips...

But I love potatoes.

Delicious chocolate topping


25 On Ariana Grande's Love Me Harder Set
26 On Jenna Ortega

She plays Harley Diaz on Disney's "Stuck in the Middle"


No I like her

27 On a Teen Titans Go DVD

This Needs To Be Higher.

Honored to do that! - SamuiNeko

But I love this show, and this list is very dumb.

People who like this show are imbecilles

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28 On Litton Entertainment Headquarters

Leave Litton Entertainment alone.

29 In the middle of class

No one will laugh. You will be saluted for your bravery

Will just cause humiliation. Those people who enjoy doing this are idiots.


30 On your cat

No! You people are mean and stupid.

Your cat will enjoy the lovely, warm hat.

I would totally do this. I hate cats.

No! - mourningdew

31 On the school floor

Most school floors are already made of crap


This list is stupid, why does it even exist?!

32 On Donald Trump's face

He is an idiot and deserves to eat poo

I HATE trump he is an IDIOT.

It ISVs already added

Don't vote trump #donalddrumph #drumph #trumpsucks

33 On George W. Bush's head


34 On a North Korean flag


35 On fourteen iPhone 6 Pluses

Do you know how expensive those are?! idiots these days...

Really? Nope.

No. Don't.

I would do that...

that's just basically your iPhone 1...
+100000000000$ on theprice
-really bull camera upgrades
-more damn expensive apps (which are, hey...FREE ON EVERY ANDROID! )

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36 Hole in the ground

The way nature intended

37 Porta Potty
38 On Nicki Minaj

Right in her mouth!

39 On Nasa Spaceships

NASA will be mad. But that's the whole point of it! Poop wherever you want, and see how it goes! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

One small poop on the moon, a giant leap for toilets on the moon...

Poop without gravity?

Astronauts poop too!

40 In your pants

Pants are a good way to carry around your poo! whenever you need to use your poo (as food, as glue, etc.), you just take it out of your pants!

Only if you're a baby - anonygirl

Pants... ahh, pants many thing happen there. That is the place where poop comes out when you're a baby. Pee comes out when you're 5. Farts come out when you're 10. Man things happen there. It is very adult-like to poop in your pants. So whenever you poop in your pants, think of me, bob, as you smear it on the wall! *cough cough snicker* (bursts out laughing) you know who you are! coughthomas!

Once I accidentally sharted when I was 18 and it was disgusting

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41 On a log

Like beavers and mans!

42 On Rowan Blanchard
43 On an Eminem mixtape

No - superbuggati

44 On Lil' Wayne

NO! - superbuggati

45 On Hillary Clinton
46 A really annoying person's face
47 In the ocean
48 In the woods
49 On an Emoji Movie DVD
50 On Adolf Hitler's face
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