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1 Your Room

If you have a desk in your room, this is a good one, but DO NOT STUDY IN YOUR BED! This has been scientifically proven that this could cause your brain to fire up at night when you are trying to sleep, or for you to be tired while you study, and experts say that when you're tired, you don't perform at your best! - HermioneKG4884

When my annoying relatives comes over and gets loud and it distracts me, this is where I retreat to.

In my warm bed feels so good - 23windomt

Your room, the place where you can study with anyone, and it's quiet. - MrCoolC

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2 Library

My school library isn't quiet at all, but the local library is a great spot! - HermioneKG4884

You can actually focus

Yes that is the best place in the hole world FULL

I loved just feeling studious, plus, bring around book automatically makes me happy! Perfect environment! - keycha1n

3 Friend's House

No, because they distract you. - HermioneKG4884

4 Outdoors

Yees! My happy place! On my porch swing! - HermioneKG4884

Nice and quite. No one there to disturb. Really peaceful allowing you to concentrate

Its quiet and warm and its nice outside

Perfect for those summer evenings when the weather's nice and next door's kids are in. - Entranced98

5 School
6 Car

Don't do it please its sucks I went crazy

No, it hurts my stomach and it is hard to focus with all the movement. Believe me, I've tried. - HermioneKG4884

7 At the Park

I agree with that comment. - HermioneKG4884

No way it is so loud and there are so many kids

8 The Bathroom

I don't study in the bathroom, but I read, write and do word puzzles! - HermioneKG4884

It is often said that the human brain is at the peak of its creativity when its owner is clearing their intestines - styLIShT

Honestly I sometimes do my homework on the toilet if I’m bored...

I'd never be comfortable texting on the loo, let alone studying. - Entranced98

9 In a Treehouse

Again, outside is my happy place! - HermioneKG4884

10 On the Couch

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11 Toilet



12 Atlanta Bread Company

Everybody study's there they have great food and it is so quite

Huh? - HermioneKG4884

13 Cafe
14 Living Room

My sister annoys the heck out of me. Plus, too much activity. I wouldn't if I were you. - HermioneKG4884

15 Garden

Such a peaceful place where you can feel the breeze, be circled by pretty plants, where else would you go to study in a such peaceful place?!

HAPPY PLACE! - HermioneKG4884

16 In Your Mum's Bedroom

No, she'll hate that! - HermioneKG4884

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