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1 Your Room

With fast internet, all my books in reach, the radio tuned to my favourite stations to listen to while studying, and my cat keeping me company without being distracting, why choose anywhere else? - Entranced98

When my annoying relatives comes over and gets loud and it distracts me, this is where I retreat to.

Your room, the place where you can study with anyone, and it's quiet. - MrCoolC

In my warm bed feels so good - 23windomt

2 Library

I loved just feeling studious, plus, bring around book automatically makes me happy! Perfect environment! - keycha1n

Yes that is the best place in the hole world FULL

You can actually focus

3 Friend's House
4 School
5 Outdoors

Perfect for those summer evenings when the weather's nice and next door's kids are in. - Entranced98

Nice and quite. No one there to disturb. Really peaceful allowing you to concentrate

Its quiet and warm and its nice outside

6 Car
7 At the Park
8 The Bathroom

It is often said that the human brain is at the peak of its creativity when its owner is clearing their intestines - styLIShT

I'd never be comfortable texting on the loo, let alone studying. - Entranced98

Honestly I sometimes do my homework on the toilet if I’m bored...

9 In a Treehouse
10 On the Couch

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11 Toilet


12 Cafe
13 Living Room
14 Garden

Such a peaceful place where you can feel the breeze, be circled by pretty plants, where else would you go to study in a such peaceful place?!

15 In Your Mum's Bedroom
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1. Your Room
2. On the Couch
3. At the Park
1. In a Treehouse
2. The Bathroom
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1. Library
2. Your Room
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