Top Ten Places to Tickle Someone

Look here if you like to tickle. It will really help!

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1 Feet

The feet are a good place. Just run your finger down
Their soles of their feet. - Alexmehmoody

My girlfriend Morgan is very ticklish on her feet and tickle her there a lot, she actually enjoys it but not as much as I enjoy tickling her.

This gets my family up in the morning rather well. - PositronWildhawk

One time I miss behaved in class. My friends tied me up to my bed. They got out a feather and started tickling my feet like crazy
I literally exploded

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2 Stomach

This is my Fave Place To Watch get Tickled!

Belly/Belly Button are the best & most attractive when the Girl/Guy takes care of there belly's! - Curti2594

I love tickling people's stomachs. I find that fingers, feathers, and electric toothbrushes are the most effective. Also using baby oil can help make them more sensitive.

Just grab gently on their stomach and they will
Burst with laughter. - Alexmehmoody

There are 2 types of tickle knimises and garglesis the first is by tickling other spots mentioned here and second to make someone jump and laugh I like both. My mother often does the first one and second tickles my stomach everyday when I am back home saying I am tired and I need boost and ties and tickles me for like 30 40 mins it's so fun

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3 Breast

It is a good place to tickle. Do anything and
They will probably laugh! - Alexmehmoody

4 Sides

I remember I told my girlfriend " I bet I can make you say stop ". I poked her side and she smiled a little, I poked her again and she started giggling. " It seems like you're ticklish" I said. She denied so I kept tickling her sides - DrTicklegamer2

This is best place to start a tickle session.My mother tickles me everyday day when I come home tying me and saying tickle time starts by sides or stomach but the session lasts 2 to 3 hours long because there are other spots best thing to get after a long day getting helplessly tickled by my mother

I love to tickle sides because I love seeing people squirm left and right and I can tease by saying" where are you going"

EASILY my most ticklish spot and all my friends know it! They always use it against me!

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5 Thigh

Squeeze it slowly and then faster. If you like
Getting tickled you will like this! Trust me. - Alexmehmoody

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6 Bottom

Squeeze their bum cheek. - Alexmehmoody

It really tickles because my friend when ever I come ove she and her 4 sisters tickle me ther and my: butt armpits feet and of course my thighs

7 Knee Cap

If you squeeze their knee cap it will really
Tickle. - Alexmehmoody

8 Nipple

Pinch their nipples and they have a chance of laughing. - Alexmehmoody

9 Armpits

Gliding your fingers in here will most probably set them off laughing

Why are armpits here there like the 2nd most ti klish spot on the human body it's my most ticklish spot along side my feet and my nipples are extremly ticklish propably as ti klish as my feet and armpits

Seriosly, this really tickles. 😆

10 Navel

Stomach and belly button are the best to tickle. Sexy, and fun all at the same time. Having my belly button tickled is my favorite, but I love tickling my bff's belly button even more.

We just tickled a woman at the party.So we laid her and tied the wrists and ankles.Then just tickled the neck feet sides each and she squirmed and on the navel and ribcage very ticklish! So all of us mercilessly tickled her everywhere mainly navel...tears laughter smiles screams..I can't take it anymore had enough..please stop.. but we just laughed at her discomfort and no seriously you should have seen the look on her face..not even being able to properly beg for mercy.Then we joked that it was over but then everyone watching and laughing just joined... this time spared no spot on her and continue till she wet herself and even further

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11 Back

Draw lines on their back and they will really like this. - Alexmehmoody

12 Waist Line

I recommend squeezing right above there hip

13 Crotch

If I could have another life it would be lesbian, she would tickle my boobs and I would grab her crotch all night long.

14 Earlobes
15 Back of Knee

Squeeze the back of their knee. - Alexmehmoody

16 Butt
17 Belly Button

I want to Tickle Girls with Ticklish Belly Buttons so bad! - Curti2594

18 Toes

Some Girls Toes are cute when they wiggle around! - Curti2594

19 Groin

Just like wiggle your fingers I so hard it will torture you found a way to make their day!

20 Elbow
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