Top Ten Best Places to Visit at Christmas Time

19th... Six geese a-laying... I know what most of you are thinking. You’re thinking of tropical places like the Bahamas or Hawaii. Well I have a different idea here. This list is more inclined towards places (Countries, States, Regions, whatever) that enhance your Christmas experience. I’m talking the places you’re most likely to find lights on every house, trees in every window, snow on every lawn, gingerbread cookies in every oven. Where is your favorite place to visit during the holiday season?

The Top Ten

1 Woodstock, Vermont
2 Montreal, Quebec

I'm extremely early of Christmas, August but yeah Montreal is a good place for Christmas, cool (cold), lighty, great air and festival are still on!, plus at winter they got snow in the city! Ah and why is Quebec instead of Canada ;D! - CanadianGuy99

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3 Lapland, Finland

It's the home of Father Christmas!
Seems legit to go here

SpongeBob:Where should we go for Christmas Patrick?
Patrick:Finland. - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

4 Munich, Germany

So many Christmas memories.
Oh, and.. every place in Germany is the best place to visit at Christmas time.

5 Prague, Czech Republic

Walk over the Charles Bridge on Christmas Eve... Wake to the sound of hundreds of church bells ringing on Christmas morning... the "City of a Hundred Spires" would be a wonderful place to be for Christmas. - beatles

6 Zurich, Switzerland V 1 Comment
7 Charleston, South Carolina
8 Santa Barbara, California
9 Province, France
10 Boston, Massachusetts

The Contenders

11 London, England

We certainly spice things up for Christmas over here, and do a pretty good job at it. I speak from a perspective that sees it every year.
Would also love to see Venice at this time of year. Sounds spectacular. - PositronWildhawk

London, England? 12? Come on! Seriously? London is THE place to be any time of the year! - Britgirl

12 Florence, Italy
13 Venice, Italy
14 New York City, New York
15 Owen Sound, Ontario
16 Torgau, Germany
17 Gloucester, England
18 Bethlehem
19 Lugano, Switzerland
20 San Marino, San Marino
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