Best Places to Visit In Serbia

Vote for best Serbian destination. Is it city, mountain, lake or something else from the list that you prefer?

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1 Belgrade

Best city in Serbia ever!

Belgrade is simply the best city I have ever visited!

I need to visit to belgrade, but I was scared. I'm from South Africa. I need to be safe and enjoy the counrty

I'm from Serbia and I hate Belgrade.I was 3 times in Bg and I feel I couldn't live here.I have low experience but...I don't know.

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2 Novi Sad

Great nightlife

Belgrad may be 1#! Wrong Novi Sad is the best

Beautiful and peacefull, but with great nightlife and music festivals, like EXIT.

Party town!

3 Nis

Amazing city

4 Zlatibor
5 Kopaonik
6 Stara Planina
7 Srebrno Jezero
8 Djavolja Varos
9 Vrnjacka Banja
10 Zrenjanin

The Contenders

11 Tara
12 Sjenica
13 Valjevo

The most beautiful city in Serbia. It's enough to say that you can find griffon vultures a couple of kilometers from downtown, in the canyon of the Gradac river.

City with soul,nice nature, Tesnjar pedestrian zone,beautiful caves and monasteries,good people and of course duvan cvarci 😊

14 Jagodina

This place is amazing, visit! - Ananya

15 Reka Uvac
16 Kragujevac, Sumarice
17 Šabac
18 Leskovac
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