Best Places to Visit In Serbia

Vote for best Serbian destination. Is it city, mountain, lake or something else from the list that you prefer?

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1 Belgrade

Belgrade is one of the best places to visit.

Belgrade is simply the best city I have ever visited!

Best city in Serbia ever!

I need to visit to belgrade, but I was scared. I'm from South Africa. I need to be safe and enjoy the counrty

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2 Novi Sad

New sity the mest balkan sity ewer.

Great nightlife

Belgrad may be 1#! Wrong Novi Sad is the best

Beautiful and peacefull, but with great nightlife and music festivals, like EXIT.

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3 Nis

Amazing city

4 Kopaonik
5 Zlatibor
6 Stara Planina
7 Srebrno Jezero
8 Djavolja Varos
9 Vrnjacka Banja
10 Zrenjanin

The Contenders

11 Tara
12 Sjenica
13 Valjevo

The most beautiful city in Serbia. It's enough to say that you can find griffon vultures a couple of kilometers from downtown, in the canyon of the Gradac river.

City with soul,nice nature, Tesnjar pedestrian zone,beautiful caves and monasteries,good people and of course duvan cvarci 😊

14 Kragujevac, Sumarice
15 Jagodina

Best of best

This place is amazing, visit! - Ananya

16 Reka Uvac
17 Šabac
18 Leskovac
19 Smederevo

Town on the Danube with the biggest fortress in Southeast Europe. Only 50 km from Belgrade.

20 Tutin

Das Beste am Ende!

21 Kladovo
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