Top Ten Places to Visit In Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is one of my most favorite cities! There is tons to do there, something for everyone. There's the typical Swedish blend of modern and classic, from medieval to modern museums, chic restaurants to throwback cafes... Stockholm is an incredibly clean, incredibly diverse and unique city, and I just hope this list does the places to visit there a little justice.

The Top Ten

1 The Vasa Museum

The Vasa Museum is truly incredible. It’s centered around the only intact 17th century ship to ever be salvaged. It’s this giant, 64-gun warship finished in 1628, and sunk on it’s very first sailing. The housing facility, or rather the museum that houses the Vasa, is Gian, as it would have to be to fit the Vasa, and it’s a VERY well done museum, with interesting exhibits. There’s no way to properly grasp the scale of the Vasa without standing next to it. The curators of this museum have done a masterful job with the lighting and display of the Vasa. Really quite artistic. It was my favorite thing in Stockholm, and definitely a don’t miss destination.

2 The Royal Armory

Holy cow, this was maybe the coolest museum ever. The Royal Armory is actually a museum, and it has actual clothes and armor, and weapons and carriages, all perfectly preserved and displayed in this cool, underground portion of the Stockholm Palace. They have displayed clothes that people were wearing when they were shot, you can still see the bloodstains on their clothes, you can see riding outfits hundreds of years old with mud-splatter still on them! They had a section of costumes from movies and T.V. shows as well. They had an entire section dedicated to Game of Thrones costumes! The gift shop was the best we encountered in all the museums and it was definitely one of our favorite destinations. The carriages section was particularly cool. Such a great, great museum with great, very well done exhibits

3 Gamla Stan
4 Skansen
5 The Royal Palace
6 Drottingholm Palace
7 The Tre Kronor Museum
8 Riddarholm Church
9 Djurgarden
10 The ABBA Museum

The Contenders

11 Nordic Museum
12 Swedish History Museum
13 Swedish Museum of Natural History
14 Gröna Lund
15 Aquaria Vattenmuseum
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