Top 10 Places You Should Never Go In School

The Top Ten Places You Should Never Go In School

1 Restroom

So. Are you willing to hold all that stuff for 8 hours? Restrooms are important you know.

One time in a middle school next to my that once was elementary school, someone died in the bathroom. - GamingGoku757

If you do, only do it in a modern school. Unless if you want to throw up - AnonymousChick

I've been in those disgusting sewer holes. Don't go in unless you have stomach of steel, and don't mind walking around in an unclean, vandalized, big infested room with diahheria everywhere. - ToptenPizza

2 Principal's office
3 Detention room
4 Janitor's closet
5 Teacher's lounge

I would trespass in here.

6 Cafeteria

I once helped out in the cafeteria and the food came out good. - cosmo

7 Gym room
8 Hallway

Too bad you have to go in these to get to class. - Minecraftcrazy530

9 Counselor's office
10 Cafeteria kitchen

The Contenders

11 Vice-principal's office
12 Nurse room

Probably means you've murdered yourself or got sick. - PianoQueen

13 Class room
14 Front Office
15 ISS room
16 Staff room
17 Speech room
18 Teacher's Restroom
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