Top Ten Places in Zelda that Would Make Great Mario Kart Tracks

I think Zelda Kart would be an awesome game. Add any other places in Zelda you can think of.

The Top Ten

1 Dragon Roost Island - The Wind Waker

I could totally see this

2 Gerudo Valley - Ocarina Of Time

This track would take through all parts of the desert, including the bridge and the Spirit Temple. And all while that epic music plays. - M4j0r45

3 Clock Town - Majora's Mask

This is one of the first ideas I had for Zelda racing tracks. Although Clock Town feels very small, it could make for a great track because you could go in shops and also the sewers. - M4j0r45

4 Faron Woods -Skyward Sword

This maze-like Forest would make a great track, as there could be several different sections, including the Sealed Grounds and Lake Floria. - M4j0r45

5 Lake Hylia - Twilght Princess

This would be a very pretty track.

6 Shadow Temple - Ocarina of Time

This track would be great, full of tricks and traps. - M4j0r45

7 Goron Mines - Twilight Princess

You could ride UPSIDE DOWN using the magnet. - M4j0r45

8 Eldin Volcano - Skyward Sword

You would basically scale the volcano and go into the two dungeons. This would be higher but Eldin isn't all that varied. - M4j0r45

9 The Great Sea - The Wind Waker

Who says it has to be a cart race. This track would have you racing to every corner of the sea, but on boats! Or you could also use those blue ramps accompanied by wind who get from place to place. - M4j0r45

10 Termina Field - Majora's Mask

The Contenders

11 Snowpeak - Twilight Princess

Who didn't love that snowboarding minigame? This track would take you up the mountain and then back down again and into the mansion. It would be very slippery though. - M4j0r45

12 Great Plateau - Breath of the Wild
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