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1 Canada Canada Canada is a country in North America that is next to the United States, and it's the 2nd largest country in the world (size is 9.985 million km²). This country has 10 provinces, and 3 territories. Canada became a dominion on July 1, 1867. Its 10 provinces are: Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, more.
2 Summer Camp

My favorite place ever (especially if you're talking about Pontiac) because of your friends and the never ending activities. - Songsta41

Summer camp doesn't exist in Australia, but to me it doesn't sound very appealing anyway.

Same with Britain, But you still go camping with Scouts or whatever. (I'm never going camping again, it rains every time, as if it's a curse.) - Harri666

I love camp so much that I cry for weeks after I leave - Ihateschool

I miss everyone from there so much! - backflip

3 Ireland Ireland Formed in 1916 after the Easter uprising, Ireland is a small country with a population of roughly 5 million.
4 England

Honestly, I've never been there, but would love too! - advancewarfare

5 Germany Germany Germany was formally united in 1871 under the initiative of Bismarck with King Wilhelm of Prussia as emperor. The previous 'Holy Roman Empire', basically a continuation of the empire of Charlemagne/Karl der Grosse was dissolved in 1806. more.
6 Times Square (New York)

On my island a non-stop great place to visit for any reason. - Songsta41

Great place to visit

7 Norway Norway Norway, officially the Kingdom of Norway, is a sovereign and unitary monarchy whose territory comprises the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula plus the island Jan Mayen and the archipelago of Svalbard.
8 India India India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country (with over 1.2 billion people), and the most populous democracy in the world.

My land awesome place

9 Europe Europe Europe is a Swedish rock band formed in Upplands Väsby, Stockholm in 1979 under the name Force by vocalist Joey Tempest, guitarist John Norum, bassist Peter Olsson and drummer Tony Reno.

Anywhere in Europe is extremely cultural and always interesting! - Songsta41

10 Caribbean

The Newcomers

? San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco, officially the City and County of San Francisco, is the cultural, commercial, and financial center of Northern California.

It's a 1hr flight from LA

? Los Angeles

It's so close to Vegas

The Contenders

11 Finland Finland
12 Sweden Sweden Sweden, officially the Kingdom of Sweden, is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. more.
13 Italy Italy Italy, in italian Repubblica Italiana, is a unitary parliamentary republic in Europe. more.
14 Waikiki Beach, Hawaii
15 O.Z.O.R.A. Festival

Because I live there and the world best psychedelic fest is there as well.

16 Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland, officially the Swiss Confederation, is a federal republic in Europe . It consists of 26 cantons, and the city of Bern is the seat of the federal authorities . more.
17 Disney World
18 The Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon
19 Yosemite Valley
20 Key West
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