Best Plan B Songs

These are some of the best songs by British rap artist Plan B.

The Top Ten

1 Ill Manors Ill Manors

Legendary, plan b is the best. Vote this to the top
No other track reaches the same level as ill manors, hundred times better than she said.

Amazing song and it's one of the best songs by plan b and one of the best rap songs ever

2 She Said She Said
3 Prayin' Prayin'

Best song, would defiantly recommend it.
This is truly the plan B anthem

V 2 Comments
4 Stay Too Long Stay Too Long

I love this rap song, he can do hip hop and northern soul which makes plan b one of the best rappers ever

5 Playing With Fire Playing With Fire

Intense lyrics and meaning, should he number 1.

Nice relaxing rap song

6 Deepest Shame Deepest Shame

Nice song about a women who once was a nice child who got abused by her parents and then she grew up to be a drug addict, sad but cool song

7 The Recluse The Recluse
8 Love Goes Down Love Goes Down
9 Lost My Way Lost My Way
10 Charmaine V 2 Comments

The Contenders

11 Pieces Pieces
12 Writings On the Wall Writings On the Wall
13 No Good
14 End Credits End Credits

It should be higher on this list it is bad ass No other Chase & Status track hits the level that 'End Credits' reaches, powerful and epic... One of my favourite tracks of all time.
Awesome as Chase and Status are, nothing even comes close to End Credits! This is such a powerful song! Simply amazing
Always been my favourite. First ever song I've heard from chase and status and I thought
It was a cracking song. You can never top it, plan B made the song even better.

If you don't know, the film that it is showing is harry brown. Plan B was also acting in the film and
He played the roll of a thuggish teenager who goes out doing as many horrible things he can and there is an old man called harry brown who is played by Michael Caine. Great story great song and great album

15 Drug Dealer Drug Dealer
16 Traded In My Cigarettes Traded In My Cigarettes
17 Pity the Plight Pity the Plight
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