Best Planets in the Dragon Ball / Z / GT / Super Franchise


The Top Ten

1 Planet Namek

All the best fights happen here; Zarbon vs Vegeta, Recoome vs Vegeta, Jeice & Burter vs Goku, Guldo vs Gohan & Krillin, Captain Ginyu vs Goku, Captain Ginyu vs Vegeta, Dodoria vs Vegeta, Cui vs Vegeta, Frieza vs Piccolo, Frieza vs Nail, Frieza vs Gohan, Frieza vs Goku... plus all the Nameks getting wiped out was amazing scenes and the three-way guerrilla warfare for the Dragon Balls was the most intense storytelling. It was intergalactic military combat at its best! - PrinceZarbon

2 Planet Meat

This is where Bardock's crew is sent on a mission and is in turn executed by Dodoria and his elite. - PrinceZarbon

3 Planet Frieza 79

This is the planet that Vegeta goes back to in order to heal after being defeated on Earth. This is also where Cui reveals to him that Frieza is already searching for the Dragon Balls on Namek. - PrinceZarbon

4 Planet Vegeta

This is the homeworld of the Saiyans after they relocated from planet Sadala. It is wiped out by Lord Frieza. - PrinceZarbon

5 Planet Shikk

This is a planet that Nappa, Raditz, and Vegeta were sent to conquer and took days. Zarbon teases their efforts by saying it should have only taken them one day to conquer this planet. - PrinceZarbon

6 Planet Kanassa

This is the planet that is conquered under Frieza's reign by Bardock's crew. It is also where a Kanassan strikes Bardock giving him the ability to see into the future and witness his own defeat. - PrinceZarbon

7 Sacred World of the Kai

This is the planet Supreme Kai takes Gohan to train and pull the Z Sword as well as release Elder Kai. It is also where Kid Buu fights against Goku & Vegeta. - PrinceZarbon

8 Planet Imecka

This is where Trunks, Goku, & Pan land their ship. It is also where they encounter Ledgic, Don Kee, Sheela, and Gale. - PrinceZarbon

9 Planet Arlia

This is where Nappa and Vegeta land before their arrival on Earth and proceed to infiltrate the Arlian forces before blowing up the planet as they find it not suitable for resale value. - PrinceZarbon

10 Planet Earth

This is the home planet of numerous Z Fighters and where Goku lands after the events of the destruction of Planet Vegeta. It is also where Goku is raided by Grandpa Gohan and trained by Master Roshi. Other events include the annihilation of the Red Ribbon Army base, the coming of King Piccolo, the World Martial Arts Tournament, Dr. Gero's seeking vengeance using Cell and the androids, and later Babidi's attempts to release Majin Buu from his containment. - PrinceZarbon

The Contenders

11 Planet M-2
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