Top Ten Planets In Our Solar System That Sound the Best When Said Backwards

To be frank with you, most of them don't sound that nice when said backwards. Anyway, please vote and add comments

The Top Ten

1 Sunaru - Uranus

I drive the Sunaru into Uranus. - AlphaQ

Sounds like a car name. - RiverClanRocks

So it sounds funny forwards and backwards! - keycha1n

I voted because Subaru.

2 Sunev - Venus
3 Nrutas - Saturn
4 Sram - Mars
5 Yrucrem - Mercury
6 Retipuj - Jupiter

Good luck pronouncing that. - AnonymousChick

7 Enutpen - Neptune
8 Htrae - Earth


Htrae no evil snamuh

9 Otulp - Pluto

Who ever said Pluto shouldn't be a planet? This is wonderful! - Rocko

10 Erin - Nire
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