Top 10 Plants and Flowers Named After Food

The Top Ten Plants and Flowers Named After Food

1 Ketchup and Mustard

It's a red rose, a romantic symbol of love. Why they named it after such prosaic things?
Well, they were right - it has ketchup red petals with a mustard yellow reverse. - Metal_Treasure

2 Apricot Parrot

2 in 1, food and animal. It's a beautiful tulip with pink and yellow-orange flowers. - Metal_Treasure

3 Candy Apple

These candy apples are actually bell peppers... - Metal_Treasure

4 Butter and Sugar
5 Chocolate Cosmos
6 Strawberry Custard
7 Milkshake
8 Peppermint Swirl
9 Carnival Watermelon
10 Candy Stripe

The Contenders

11 Summer Chocolate
12 Sweet 'N Salsa
13 Lemon Chiffon
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