Top Ten Best Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Maps

Specifically for Team Vanquish. My opinion. If you disagree, let me know. I'd like to hear. When I say "lots of action" I mean lots of open spots with lots of people. FYI

The Top Ten

1 Jewel Junction

This has gotta be my favorite Garden Warfare maps of all time, because of the train.

Amazing spots to camp and snipe, and great action spots as well. Only annoying thing is the train! - redhotskillet65

Best sniper spot

2 Crash Course

Going on the houses roofs to snipe is great. Also lots of action. - redhotskillet65

3 Jewel Junction Night

Same as day, harder to see. - redhotskillet65

4 Crash Course Night

Same as day, harder to see. - redhotskillet65

5 Suburban Flats

It has this one sick spot. If you play the game, you already know, if you don't it's just amazing. Also, lots of awesome action. - redhotskillet65

6 Chomp Town

Great spots and lots of action. - redhotskillet65

7 Port Scallywag

This map is always full of action, which is really great for Chili Bombs! - redhotskillet65

This map probably has the best sniping spot in the entire game.

8 Garden Center

The roof of Caroline's has some great action to rack up the vanquishes. - redhotskillet65

9 Zomboss Estate

One good spot (that only Foot Soldiers can get to) and that's about it. - redhotskillet65

10 Sharkbite Shores

Not very fun, and not really any great spots. (The bridge sucks by the way) - redhotskillet65

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