Top Ten Best Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Maps

Specifically for Team Vanquish. My opinion. If you disagree, let me know. I'd like to hear. When I say "lots of action" I mean lots of open spots with lots of people. FYI

The Top Ten

1 Jewel Junction

Amazing spots to camp and snipe, and great action spots as well. Only annoying thing is the train! - redhotskillet65

This has gotta be my favorite Garden Warfare maps of all time, because of the train.

Best sniper spot

2 Crash Course

Going on the houses roofs to snipe is great. Also lots of action. - redhotskillet65

3 Jewel Junction Night

Same as day, harder to see. - redhotskillet65

4 Crash Course Night

Same as day, harder to see. - redhotskillet65

5 Suburban Flats

It has this one sick spot. If you play the game, you already know, if you don't it's just amazing. Also, lots of awesome action. - redhotskillet65

6 Chomp Town

Great spots and lots of action. - redhotskillet65

7 Port Scallywag

This map is always full of action, which is really great for Chili Bombs! - redhotskillet65

This map probably has the best sniping spot in the entire game.

8 Garden Center

The roof of Caroline's has some great action to rack up the vanquishes. - redhotskillet65

9 Zomboss Estate

One good spot (that only Foot Soldiers can get to) and that's about it. - redhotskillet65

10 Sharkbite Shores

Not very fun, and not really any great spots. (The bridge sucks by the way) - redhotskillet65

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