A Conclusion To 2014 FIFA World Cup...

Congratulations, Germany, for winning the twentieth FIFA World Cup in Brazil. It's the first time a European country wins the tournament in America. Having reaching at least semi finals all this century always tasting the bitter taste of defeat, and losing 2002's in Japan against Brazil only makes this win mean so much more. But it's not just the revenge of a country that lost that Final against Brazil, then lost in semi finals in their own land and in 2010 also having to deal with the bronze medal. It was a deserved win for a country who has tried so much for so long. And what a way to win! Defeating in a historical 7-1 to the host of the World Cup, nothing less than Brazil, and having their striker as record top scorer in World Cups. Well done, Germany, well done.

Everybody's talking of the winner of the world cup, but what about the second? Will it just appear from time to time on the memory of Football book worms? What about their effort? Will it extinguish and turn into nothing?

The reason I'm writing this blog is to honour those unfathening unstoppable field warriors, those underdogs who came out from nowhere and ended up figting a clear favourite in a really tough match with a billion eyes looking onto them, but left the game in defeat. I am talking of Argentina.

Argentina, a team that in 2014's FIFA World Cup stood at the same level as Puskas Hungary in 1954, Sweden in 1958, Early Czech Republic and Nederlands, who's orange clockwork led them to the second place in 1974, 1978 and 2010. Teams that only true football lovers remember, but whom with history has ungrateful. There's no star for those teams, no holding up the world cup, no eternal memory. The best loser of the world.

It is true, Argentina lived the glory twice. But this generation hasn't, the four fantastic generation of Di Maria, Agüero, Higuain and Lionel Messi. And so they are condemned with the eternal emptiness of being at just one step. Just one step, but falling.

For those who don't know, Argentina has been a team, something that not many other groups of people playing ball could say in 2014's world cup. When almost every person said Argentina was lacking a good defense, the country showed perhaps the most solid defense of the tournament, the most solid defense seen in years. Flawless, from the eightfinals until the very end, time when body and soul said "no more" and there was nothing else to give. A machine fed by willpower that worked as long as it could.

What to say of Sergio Romero, the so underrated goalkeeper, who didn't play in his own team and who the coach placed his faith on. He became the third goalkeeper in world cup history with most minutes without conceding a goal.

What to say of Pablo Zabaleta, Ezequiel Garay, Martin Demichelis and the so very underrated Marcos Rojo, four men who made a perfect defense, who played perfect matches together as long as their hearts allowed them.

What to say about Javier Mascherano, the alpha wolf, the lion, the moral and true leader of this team who gave the absolute best of himself until the very end of the cup.

What to say about Biglia, Enzo Perez, Lavezzi, and of the fantastic Di Maria, Agüero, Higuain, who tried to lead the team to the glorious victory as heroes.

And what to say about Lionel Messi.

In the World Cup, as in life, you can win or you can lose. But when you give the best of yourself, you have reached the glory. Winner and loser are just labels that many times don't reflect reality.

And in these parameters, Argentina reached the glory.

Thanks, Argentina, for giving me those moments of glory, for giving me something to believe, for uniting 40 millions of people in a beautiful dream. Thanks for everything.

Vamos Argentina!


This is perhaps the most gracious blog I'll ever read. I can only echo your sentiment. keyson and that is... Well done Germany AND Argentina! Two teams which deserved to be in the Cup Final. - Britgirl

Sorry for not approving comments, it took a long while to realize I had to do it! Haha - keyson

Yeah, You're Right Argentina should get some respect for being Runner Up - kormo

Thank you for this. I was kind of disappointed when Argentina lost because I felt like it was Argentina's destiny to win. Germany took Argentina out of the World Cups in 1990, 2006, and 2010 so I wanted it to be Argentina's turn. But I was also saddened by how Messi didn't fulfill his dream of holding the World Cup so people can see him right up there with Pele, Maradona, Zidane, etc. World Cup or not, Messi is still up there with them in my eyes. Looking forward to 2018 Russia! - visitor

I have faith in Argentina - keyson

Probably the most gracious and dignified blog I, or anyone else will have the pleasure of reading. I cannot add anything that Keyson hasn't already added. A truly lovely blog!
Congratulations to Germany AND the fabulous Argentina; two teams which fully deserved to be in the 2014 World Cup final! - Britgirl

Probably the most gracious and dignified blog I, or anyone else will have the pleasure of reading, Keyson. I cannot add anything that you haven't already added so wonderfully! Well, except to say congratulations to Germany AND Argentina. Two countries that so deserved to be in the FIFA World Cup Final.

Amazing blog! - Britgirl

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Awesome conclusion:). Argentina deserves much credit:-) - EpicJake